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Leadership In Organization


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TABLE OF CONTENTS..................................................................................................2 INTRODUCTION...........................................................................................................3 1.1 DONALD TRUMP PROFILE..........................................................................3 CASE STUDY: DONALD TRUMP....................................................................................5 A DAYS LIFE OF DONALD TRUMP.....................................................................6 VARIOUS STYLES IN TRUMPS LEADERSHIP .....................................................9 MOTIVATION SKILLS OF DONALD TRUMP........................................................11 THE SYMBOLIC WORKPLACE...........................................................................11 CONCLUSION............................................................................................................12 REFERENCES ............................................................................................................13 4.1 PUBLICATION............................................................................................13 4.2 INTERNET RESOURCES.............................................................................13

INTRODUCTION Leadership is one of the most important characteristics of an organizations framework. Defining leadership has been a challenge. This is a very subjective topic and interesting to discuss. To understand more about leadership, this paper is to analyze a leader in terms of traits, leadership style, motivation and leadership culture. We choose a famous CEO, Donald Trump as a subject to learn about leadership in a real life. Our choice was primarily motivated by his leadership exposure through television show The Apprentice and also willing to know more about the person behind the most popular phrase in reality television Youre fired. The scope of this paper is to correlate some of the traits, behavior and personality appearances of Donald Trump that are made available in public sources as in the television programs and internet publications. The analysis of Donald Trump leadership style is meant for academic traits and behavior analysis purpose.


DONALD TRUMP PROFILE Donald John Trump was born on the June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York, United States. He is an American business executive, entrepreneur, television and radio personality and author. He is the CEO of the Trump Organization, a US-based real-estate developer, and the founder of Trump Entertainment, which operates several casinos. He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his reality television show, The Apprentice. In Apprentice he serves as both executive producer and host for the show. Donald was the fourth of five children of Frederick C. and Mary Macleod Trump. Frederick Trump was a wealthy real estate developer based in New York City. He received early education in New York Military College, championed in football and baseball sports. After graduating in 1968 with Bachelor of Science in

Economics and concentration in finance, he joined his fathers real estate business. Starting in Trump Organization, he initially concentrated in his fathers preferred field of middle-class rental housing business. In 1971, Trump began his own business in property development and hotel industry. Even though the initial business ventures were successful, by 1989, the effects of recession left Trump unable to meet loan payments. In 1991 and 1992, some Trump businesses as such Taj Mahal Casino and Trump Plaza Hotel was forced to enter bankruptcy protection plan. By 1994, Trump has restructured the financing with bond holders and reduced significantly his personal debts. Finally in 2004, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts announce restructuring of its debt and in 2005 the company re-emerged from bankruptcy. Trump International Hotels industry continued to flourish. During this time Donald Trump has began to diversify his business into entertainment and sporting business. In 2003, Donald Trump has become the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show, The Apprentice. In this show Donald Trump garnered himself the catchphrase Youre Fired. He incorporated some of his business tasks in the game as such renovation of his USD$40 million Palm Beach estate, which later he sold the property for USD$100 million in 2008. With his success in real estate and television programs, Trump has continued his business ventures in other range of products. These businesses are include of Trump Financial, Trump Restaurants, Trump Signature Collections, Trump Golf, Trump Magazines, Miss Universe Organization and World Wrestling Entertainment.

CASE STUDY: DONALD TRUMP When an employee told me, I think its good enough in reference to an unfinished project, I fired him. Good enough? ..I want people who want more than good enough. I want employees who want great and will go the extra mile for the very best. I dont want to have to tell them, I want them to do it on their own says Donald Trump (David Osborne, 2009). How Donald deals with the wrong people, Step one: Dont ignore employee performance problems. The sooner you can talk with the employee, the more likely you can get him or her back on track. Getting great work from employees is a sign of a strong leader, step two: See if an underperforming employee could improve with additional training, equipment, or switching tasks, step three: Since firings can be emotional, it often helps to discuss the situation with an objective advisor before you actually dismiss an employee, step four: If you believe improvement is possible, meet with the employee, and give him or her a fixed period to deliver measurable results. Be clear about your requirements and state exactly what you expect, and specify that if what you need is not satisfactorily provided, he or she will be fired. Then follow through. (Donald Trump, 2007) Whoever works for me has to move fast. Thats how I work, and my employees must follow suit. When I conduct a meeting, I need those present to keep up with me, to be on the same page. The people who work with me know my pace, and theyve adjusted to it (Donald Trump, 2007). According to Norma Foerderer, Trump's secretary, Donald instills in you the desire to do more and more and more, and you want to please him. And yet he rarely criticizes. I mean, he would if you did something stupid. He allows you to expand; if you come in with an idea, he'll say, Fine; run with it and see what you do.' This motivates and challenges you even more, and you want to please him because you admire him so much.

Foerderer said. "I've seen him work with architects where he does the very same thing. He'll take that big magic marker and slash it here or there and change and create rooms. It works. Everybody stands around like dummies because they didn't realize this could be done. He could have been an architect. To work in the organization lead by Donald Trump, people need to be driven by high privilege to work in an organization that is lead by such a great man. His immense zest for life and success is so very contagious. He is bossy in the real sense of the world and his leadership style is almost dictatorial with the beginners. But we find him adopt a coaching style with the participants as episodes keep moving. With his own subordinates in the company, we find him delegating work with ease and confidence. (Barred, 1992)

A DAYS LIFE OF DONALD TRUMP Many distinguishing personal characteristics of Donald Trump can be noticed in his television shows and public appearances. The primary trait that Donald Trump posses is a high level of optimism and self-confidence, in executing his tasks. There are several quotes by Trump that reflect his optimism in the actions he takes. Below some exerts retrieved from the Think Big publication by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker [2]. Get in, get it done, get it done right and get out. (Donald Trump, 2007) This an energetic leadership trait that reflect Trumps optimism in the initiatives that he undertakes. He gets in the task with full of energy, vision and desire to complete. Trump promotes his commitment to get things right even in the situations that are challenging having obstacles. He also very much optimistic that the situations need to end at right time in order to plan for next actions.

Donald Trump has earned a reputation as optimist as a businessman who can spot business opportunities even in ambiguous situations, as he describe in the Think Big publication. I was relentless, even in the face of total lack of encouragement, because much more often than youd think, sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure. (Donald Trump, 2007). His optimistic and self confidence approach can be seen in building his Trump International Hotel and Casinos. In October 2004, Trump organization was facing difficult financial situations and debts. However he was optimistic on the business future and performed a series of financial restructuring, till the successful completion of the Trump International hotel worth USF$1.2 billion in 2009 [8]. Donald Trump behavior in leadership can be viewed in several angles, on how he influence and make decision in his leadership. A Big Five personality dimension is used to describe Donald Trump behaviors in performing his tasks. Donald Trump can be categorized as a person with extrovert qualities. This can be seen in his initiative in getting involved and promote public events as in Miss Universe competition and 2016 Olympic bid initiatives. Apart from his own participation, he encourage the related participant to contribute strongly in the public events. Trump has a lesser degree of agreeableness. As seen in the many Apprentice programs, Trump insists on detailed explanations and prove of concepts, before making any acknowledgement. He seldom satisfy with the interim results and often insist in the final accomplishment, as he quotes: In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish. (Donald Trump, 2007)

Trump is a very much a person with high level of conscientiousness. He is a person with dependable guidance and vision, persistent and achievement orientated. Trump in his book has emphasized the importance of conscientiousness. If you have to lie, cheat, and steal, you're just not doing it right, my career is a model of tough, fair dealing and fantastic success - without shortcuts, without breaking the law. (Trump and McIver, 2007).

Donald Trump has good level of emotional stability. He could listen and be participative in discussions where many facts being argued and many contentions being thrown among the team. He focuses on end target to achieve, and promote competitive environment. This is reflected in his saying: Do calm your nerves by remembering that there are bigger events going on in the world. Most people argue because most people are afraid of failure, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning. And that gives people like me a great advantage. (Donald Trump, 2007).

Donald Trump is also very much keen in openness to experiences. This is seen in his career, when he ventured into many new business fields, when the existing field is not performing as per his expectation. He ventured in many industries from the range of hotel industries, entertainment industries and property industries which gives good opportunities during his time (Floyd Morris, 2008). I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is. (Donald Trump, 2007). During his experiences, he also open to failures, as happened in his initial property venture failure during 2004 bankruptcy period. He has since diversified his business by adding more business ventures in his portfolio. He affirms this by saying:

Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that's more productive. (Trump and Zenker, 2007). VARIOUS STYLES IN TRUMPS LEADERSHIP Donald Trumps leadership styles have made him rich, powerful, famous and known throughout the world. This paper will discuss some of those leadership styles. He shows an unusual leadership style, which is includes by many characteristics. One of those is the need for power. This is showed by every business and piece of real estate his owns. Every casino, tea, building or golf course and even publication has his name on it. We can describe his leadership as an autocratic style. He uses his power and bossy attitude to his employee and with his autocratic leadership style has been working successfully in his career by taking a full control of his decisions, considering limited opinions from his adviser. This criteria make worlds categorized him as controversial and also dictator leader. Although he is very much values the input of a select few from his team, but the final decision must come from him where whatever he says is never to be contested. We can see this when everybody need to follow his style and when he want it to finish early thats means it is must done before he asked. Nobody can change it and everybody needs to follow it without any objection. Donald Trump is also a very charismatic and a transformational leader. He inspires lots of interest in their teams and possesses the verbal fluency that can build relationships between many parties. When he speaks, people listen. He is able to expressive and sells his ideas to people. He can produce books and people buy it to understand the real business and key to success. Everybody try to follow his way and it is make him a leader with millions followers. He has accomplished impossible deals and has made luxury lifestyle the premier way to live. Without charisma, his ability to build relationships, and sell the big picture, his wealth and reputation would not be what it is today. An example of this charisma and transformational ability is the fact that he makes motivational speeches and with his The Apprentice show has made of him an idol for many

entrepreneurs. Donald Trump in charismatic leadership style shows that he is a true leader who is not only inspiring their teams constantly with a shared vision of the future, but also inspire the worlds. Everybody wants to be Donald Trump. Other than that, we also can classified Donald Trump has situational leadership style. According to Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, leader with situational leadership should be able to move back and forth between four styles, based on the needs of the follower and the situation itself. The four styles under situational leadership include: Style 1 Telling or Directing; leader makes decisions and communication is primarily one-way. Style 2 Selling or Coaching; leader involves followers in offering ideas but leader still makes decisions. Style 3 Participating or Supporting; leader allows followers to have an increasing say in decisions but provides coordination and guidance. Style 4 Delegating; leader allows capable others to perform largely on their own and make their own decisions. We can see the situational leadership style when requires opinions and inputs of a select few from his team, but he is still the one who decides. Besides that, he also encourages people to go extra mile for the very best. He allows them to do it on their own. According to Barred, in The Apprentice, Donald has coaching style with the participants as episodes keep moving. With his own subordinates in the company, he also delegates work with ease and confidence. In front of the camera, we can see externally that Donald Trump shows as a tough and bully boss. On the opposite opinion, some of his employees argue that Donald is a merciful leader and always follow his values. Donald Trump characteristics of values, skills and cognitive abilities make him a good leader. He is unconventional, powerful, but yet he makes very smart business decisions. Besides that, he is also a risk taker. All these business skills have made him a successful business man. As a good leader, he uses all these styles and at the correct times.

MOTIVATION SKILLS OF DONALD TRUMP azahan THE SYMBOLIC WORKPLACE Donald trump, an icon of conspicuous consumption and unbridled capitalist, acts as moderator and teacher. He teaches viewers about the workplace and their own place within corporations, the economy and the larger contemporary social system. In the Apprentice, contestant performance been tracked and candidate deemed least successful is fired each week. The shows tropes the Trump acts, without any irony as the autocratic ruler. He controls all dialogue and decides when enough is enough. He has slammed candidates more than once for free speaking and sternly advises each contestant to keep your opinion to yourself. Those who break the rules or act outside of the norms, as defined by Trump himself, are eliminated. He attempts to indoctrinate both viewer and candidates about the singular logic of the business world. Perhaps, the most salient message of The Apprentice is Its not personal, its just Business where in the closer analysis, Its Not Personal implies a separation in individuals between public and private life. The workplace is different from personal life. Trumps tell is not to bring friendship, compassion or emotion to work. He tells us to check our so-called democratic values at the door. Leaders do not take a vote in order to win the game of business, but must act singularly and against our peers and colleagues. Culture is the set of key values, assumptions, understanding and norms that is shared by members of organization and thought to new members as correct. Its dictates tastes in music, clothes, and even the political and philosophical views of a group of people. Culture is not only shared, but it is deep and stable. However, culture does not exist simply as a societal phenomenon. Organizations, both large and small, adhere to a culture. Organizational culture determines how an organization operates and how its members frame events both inside and outside the organization Donald Trumps imply achievement culture in his workplace. Achievement culture is a result oriented culture that values competitiveness, aggressiveness, personal initiative and

the willingness to work long hours and hard to achieve results. This culture generally consists of highly motivated people who need little to no supervision. Rules and procedures are limited as they may interfere with the accomplishment of work. When a rule gets in the way of achieving a goal the rule is simply ignored. The best tools and methods for producing results are utilized, and when one goal is met, everyone quickly moves on to another. Because of this environment and mindset, achievement cultures tend to be highly adaptive. Unfortunately members of an achievement cultures tend to burn out on their work. It may be difficult to establish control if the need arises as the culture cultivates individuals. Members may also become highly competitive with each other and the mindset of whatever it takes can lead to dishonest and illegal behavior.

CONCLUSION In conclusion, our group would like to highlight that Donald Trump has various ways of traits, various leadership style, and motivation skills and also has his own culture to make him a successful business man. The main trait that Donald Trump posses in his life is optimism and self confidence that drive his business from critical difficulties, into one of the prominent business in its field. The behavior of Donald Trump as seen in big five personality model, exhibit his quality of being extrovert, less agreeable, conscientious, good emotional control and keen to openness of experience. Due to his traits and behavior, he can be seen as a result oriented person. Therefore, he is more towards adapting achievement culture in his workplace since in achievement culture are emphasizes on competitiveness, aggressiveness, personal initiatives and willingness to work long hours. Besides that Trumps always mention Its not Personal, its just business which implies a separation in individuals between public and private life. As a great leader, Donald Trump is capable of using different leadership style. He can be autocratic, charismatic and transformational, and also situational depending on the situation.

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