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Grameen Phone

Topic: Customer Satisfaction of


Prepared For:Masud Ibne Rahman

Department of Business & Economics
Daffodils International University

Prepared By: Md. Firoz Alam

ID : 04218426
BBA 4th Batch
Department of Business & Economics
Daffodils International University

Date of Submission: October 17 July 2007

Augst 15, 2007

Masud Ibna Rahman

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Business & Economics

Daffodil International University

102- Sukrabad, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207

Sub: submission of term paper on Customer Satisfaction of Grameen phone


Dear Sir:

It is a great pleasure for me for me to submit my report on the topic “Customer

Satisfaction of Grameen Phone Ltds.”

I have prepared this term paper, as a fulfillment of the course requirement. To

make this term paper up to the standard, I have tried my level best to fulfill the
requirements. I hope that this will help me in my future practical life.

I believe that you will be pleased to see my work. I also believe that this report
will be able to fulfill your expectation.

Sincerely yours,

MD: Feroz Alam
ID: 042-18-426
Ack nowledgement

First I would like to thank my supervisor Masud Ibn Rahman, Assistant

Professor, Faculty of business & Economics who has provided me an attention
grabbing course that exposed one more transparently to know users reaction of
telecommunication sector (Grameen Phone Customer Satisfaction of
Bangladesh Ltd.).I am also thankful to those respondents who filled up the
questionnaire, which helped me to make this paper. Without their help,
collecting primary data for user’s reaction would have been difficult. I extend
my thanks to the personal working in BGP customer satisfaction to provide me
some important information. I am ever thankful to my suspected teacher of
Daffodil International University from whom, I have been learning
Executive Summery

As a market leader, GrameenPhone is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its
products and services. Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services.
Because, the company knows in near future, voice based services will reach to the maturity
stage which will make the business growth constant to some extents. Hence, the company is
trying to maintain the leading position in non-voices services as well like SMS, Push-Pull,
and Information related services at the early growing stage. These services are working as a
building block to increase GP’s service value.

Coming up with innovative service is easier than making subscribers aware of services.
Hence through this internship report I have tried to analyze the present situation of the
cellular phone industry in Bangladesh and GP’s position there in, find out the services that
Grameen phone is presently providing to its valued customers & their satisfaction level. 15
million people out of 140 million total citizen of Bangladesh are presently using cell phone; it
means that out of every 9 people one is using cell phone. In the third world country like
Bangladesh the amount of users is amazing. Grameenphone holds almost 61% market share
of telecom industry that is out of every 10 users 6 belongs to Grameenphone. So
GrameenPhone marketing strategy should be “Profitable growth & expanding market share
through satisfying existing customers”. I have also made a comparative service analysis of
various cellular phone companies in Bangladesh and drawn some valuable recommendation
to GrameenPhone to be the market leader in future in this competitive market.

A comprehensive survey was conducted to know about GP’s present position in the market
and its present service condition that is providing to its valued customers. The survey report
shows that Grameen phone is still a market leader in this industry but as it is becoming more
competitive day by day so Grameen phone should revise its service packages, quality with
more conveniently for the customers.

Among the other cellular phone companies GrameenPhone has some unique competitive
advantages in this industry in Bangladesh so if it is possible for GP to provide better services
with continuous innovative products it will add value to the company. Otherwise, in the long
run new innovation services will not give its ultimate success.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter -1 1-5
Chapter -2 6-11
Situation Analysis: An overview of the
Wireless Phone Industry
Chapter -3 12-29
Company Profile
Chapter -4 30-56
Customer Management Division
Chapter -5 57-66
A comparison of service among the wireless
phone operators
Chapter -6 67-78
Customer Satisfaction & survey findings
Chapter -7 79-84
Recommendation & Conclusion
Appendix-1 85-86
Appendix-2 87
Appendix-3 88-89

GrameenPhone (GP) today is apparently the largest mobile telecommunication industry in

Bangladesh. It operates its function with an aim to accomplish two principal targets. Firstly,
as with other commercial organizations, it operates in such a manner that it receives a good
economic return on the investment. Nonetheless, secondly, it contributes significantly to the
economic development of the country in making telecommunication a popular medium for
exchange of information.

GP, in its operation, has to address a large number of customers throughout the country. It is
therefore imperative to get to the customers to know their impression on the services of this
important communication medium. This encouraged the researcher to choose the topic of this
internship programme as “Customer satisfaction of GrameenPhone”.
Background of the Industry:

In a highly populated country like Bangladesh, telecommunication can play a vital role to
boost the economy and social level of people. The introduction of cellular phones has
dramatically changed the lives of businesses and individuals.

As there is a growing trend of workers turning from farming to other occupations, the need
for mobiles is increasing among the thousands of impoverished villages. The overall
efficiency of other business has increased as an aftermath of the government's decision of
deregulating the telecommunications sector, which until the late 1980s had been a state

Privatization of the telecommunications sector began in 1989, when Sheba and BRTA were
awarded 25-year licenses to install and operate fixed-wire lines and wireless services in rural
areas. The same year, Pacific Telecom Bangladesh got the government's permission to launch
the country's first cellular phone and paging service sold under brand name CityCell in
collaboration with a Hong Kong-based company. The company targeted only the higher class
of the society. During that time price of mobile was above Tk 50,000/=. Naturally, the growth
of the industry was too slow. CityCell had a virtual monopoly until 1996, when the
government gave licenses to three more companies to operate cell phones in Bangladesh. So,
the government decided to bring more companies in the market and break the monopoly.

After careful evaluation the government decided to provide three licenses to GrameenPhone,
TM International (AkTel), and Sheba Telecom (Banglalink). Only CityCell is using Code
Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, AkTel, GrameenPhone, Banglalink these
three companies are using GSM (Global System for Mobile) technology. GSM is the most
popular mobile telecommunication technology in the world. About 60% of the cell phone
users of the world use GSM technology.
These three new companies entered the market, not only helped trim down over-dependence
on BTTB's fixed-line system, but also made mobile phones cheaper and easier to get. The
price of a cell phone came down from $2,000 to as low as $100, depending on the features of
the handset and SIM price is only Tk.200-300.
A definite development has been observed in the Business Market with comparatively high
expectations. Customer maturity and anticipation regarding technology has increased over
time. Rumors regarding new entrants have groomed expectations in the market.
Consequently, people are expecting cheaper handsets with lowered airtime.

The existing Cellular phone companies in Bangladesh are CityCell (Pacific Bangladesh
Telecom Limited), GrameenPhone Ltd., AkTel Ltd. Banglalink and TeleTalk. Among these
company GrameenPhone, AkTel and Banglalink adopted GSM technology and Citycell the
market pioneer started with CDMA technology.
Objectives of the Study:

This Programme was designed to accomplish three objectives. The objectives were identified
through a closer interaction and exchange of views with the management of CMD. The
objectives are:
To find out the satisfaction level of GrameenPhone subscribers.

To locate specific areas of dissatisfaction of the GP users.

To analysis the year-wise contribution of GrameenPhone to the national treasury.


Based on the topic chosen, the researcher was assigned the task in the Customer Management
Division (CMD) in GP. This divisions consists of a big team of about 1500 employees. Its
functions relate with the customer service after the sales occur. Prime functions and activities
of the GP Customer Management Divisions cater to all after-sales services starting from
activation of subscriptions, all customer contacts (Centralized Call Center, Customer
Relations Centers, and centralized Customer Communications), billing, bank communication,
bill collection throughout the country, helpline services, GPSDs etc.
Limitations of the Study:

GrameenPhone basic strategy is widening its market through its emerging countrywide
network. As a result of this strategy, the subscribers are from different segments or from
different income levels. Moreover, the subscribers are scattered all over the country.

The time constraint confined the study mostly on the data collected in Dhaka zone. Moreover,
it was not possible to get all required internal information of the company as these are treated
as confidential to the company.

The outcome of the study can thus be regarded exploratory, and may not be treated as
absolute for the whole country. In latter case a more comprehensive study is required.
An Overview of the Wireless Phone Industry

Telecom Market Growth:

At the initial stage of the mobile telecom industry because of high startup cost and high tariff
there was only a few numbers of subscribers. In 1997 there were approximately 23,000
mobile subscribers around the country with a low market penetration rate (.02%). At present,
the number of mobile users in the country is approximately 5.87 million and among them
GP’s subscribers are over 3.5 million. Right now, in mobile industry, Bangladesh has four
private companies and newly TeleTalk a sister concern of BTTB has entered in the market
with a target to get 0.25 million subscribers by first 6 months of launch and 1 million by
2006. TeleTalk has offered lower rate with PSTN connection all over the country. The total
number of districts covered in mobile industry has been increased to 61 in 2004 from 1in
1997. The total telecom growth has increased to 55% in 2004 from 19% in 1998. Initially,
mobile growth rate was too high which was 178% in 1998 and now it is come into 67% in
2004. That means this industry is now going to its maturity stage. From the comparison of
different operators’ subscriber base, it can be concluded that GP is still leading the way with a
sharp distance. Though Citycell is the first mobile operator in Bangladesh, it is not doing its
business so good. It is increasing its subscriber from 2000 in 1997 to 6149111 in 2005. On
the other hand, AkTel is growing its subscribers faster than Citycell which is from 3000 in
1997 to 3000000 in 2005.
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Market 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.53 3.61%
0.21% 0.87% 1.88% 3.13%
Penetration % % % %
Districts 61
1 2 26 36 40 49 59 61
Mobile Growth 1 120%
96% 121% 149% 65% 116% 67%
rate 78%
Telecom Growth 65%
19% 17% 34% 66% 42% 40% 55%
Subscribers base
Grameen 18,00 30,00 60,00 191,69 471,3 775,31 1878,0 2424,1 615911
Phone 0 0 0 0 71 0 00 77 1
Citycell 19,00 26,20 100,0 160,00 225000 370,00 35000
2,000 33,500
0 0 00 0 0 0 00
AkTel 12,00 28,50 96,00 150,00 300,00 1000,0 28000
3,000 34,200
0 0 0 0 0 00 00
BanglaLink 11,00 27,00 100,00 10000
- 3,000 19,000 60,000 70,000
0 0 0 00
TeleTalk - - - - - - - - 60000
Table : Development of the Telecom Market 1997-2005

The penetration rate of mobile phone industry in Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. The rate
was increasing slowly from 1997 to 1999. After that, the rate was increasing faster and now
till Nov” 05 the penetration rate is 3.61% and only GrameenPhone’s penetration rate is
2.12%. Fixed network penetration is .72%.
Market Share of Mobile Operators:

The mobile phone market consists of five operators. Out of which, 61% share of the market
belongs to GP, 3% to CityCell, 28% to AkTel, 7% to Banglalink and the rest of 1% to
TeleTalk as of Nov, 05. GP holding the major share maintains a ‘market leader’ strategy to
all other players in the market. The telecom market intends to grow at penetration rate of
more than 3.48%; where GP has already penetrated at 2.12%.

Market Share of Mobile Operators (2005)


61% 3%
Competitive Position of the mobile operator:

Table : Relative position of mobile phone operators

Price &
Custome Quality Technology Strategy
Corporate Network
/ Deteriorati expansion &
Individua ng services attractive
l products
quality Increase
/SME/ Competitiv
service but GSM coverage and
Individua e
limited market share
Corporate Low
/SME/ Very quality and
GSM coverage and
Individua affordable limited
Market share
l coverage
Corporate To maintain
/ the no. 1
Competitiv network
SME/ GSM position as a
e with wider
Individua cell phone
l operator
Target customers are almost same for the four mobile operators. Regarding to price and tariff,
AkTel and GrameenPhone are very much competitive. Banglalink’s price and tariff is very
affordable and Citycell is able to give low price to its subscribers. In case of service quality
and network coverage, GrameenPhone is leading the number one position among them. Only
Citycell use CDMA technology and others three use GSM technology. By this, Citycell
differentiates its products from the others. Except GP, Other operators’ recent strategy is
increase coverage and market share through attractive products. On the other hand, GP’s
strategy is to maintain its number one position.
Highlights of Competitive Positioning of Mobile Operators:

 The operators have been engaged in intense competition in terms of start-up

cost and tariff. Most of the competitors of GP has adopted and will adopt
network expansion strategy.
 The mobile phone market consists of four operators, out of which, 61% share
(End of 2005) of the market belongs to GP.
 Good relationship with regularity authority is strength of some of the other
mobile operators while GP has achieved it to some extent by abiding by laws and
showing positive results.

10. Network And Network Coverage OF Grameen Phone:

GrameenPhone aims to build a full range of service all over the country. The company has
targeted to build extensive network all over the country. For better coverage, GP has taken
1600 Km fiber optic cable network leased from Bangladesh Railway. In April 2004, GP had
750 base stations. Now till Oct’05, it has 1750 base stations. Furthermore, considering the
subscribers’ need of quality network and extensive coverage, the company is planning to set
up another thousand base stations in the following year. Recently GP has doubled its speech
quality 900GSM MHz to 1800GSm MHz. Already the company has expanded its network to
61 districts out of 64 districts and 400 upazillas out of 460 upazillas. It’s the only company
which covers the most of the land areas with its net work. Approximately 52% land area is
covered by GrameenPhone’s network. In over all, GrameenPhone offers the most competitive
network facility to its subscribers, and continue improving it. Existing coverage areas are
divided into six zones according to the divisional boundary. These are

• Dhaka • Sylhet
• Chittagong • Rajshahi
• Khulna • Barisal

District Covered


30 60 61 61
20 36 40
1 2
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Mar' 05

Figure : GrameenPhone’s district coverage.

Area under GP net
work covered

Figure : Net Work coverage of GrameenPhone.

The zone in which a subscriber is registered with GrameenPhone is that subscriber's Home
Zone, and all other zones are Remote Zones.

The Customer Management Division of GrameenPhone Ltd. provides a full range of after-
sales service customized to the needs of the valued customers. Efforts are made to offer
complete service through all the contact points dedicated for GP customers at every
opportunity through Call Center, Customer Management Centers and Customer
The Slogan Of CMD is:

“We believe in Involve & Evolve”

Give sustaining positive experience to the customers by understanding and

fulfilling/exceeding their service expectations at appropriate time and prices. Make the
customer experience as the main differentiator to stand tall in the market.

The organgram of Customer Management Division:

Customer Management

Human Communicati

Training & Service

Competence Quality
Process Technology for
Improvement Customer
Program Budget and
Follow up

Call Credit Collection IR Customer

Calling Call Customer Corporate Customer Demographic
Center Center Management and customer
Center Management Service
Post Pre Banking and
paid Paid Activation

Figure: Organogram of Customer Management Division

Products and services that have been successful

 GP-Regular, the oldest product of GrameenPhone retains its popularity through its full
connectivity to all networks including fixed line telephony services.
 EASY Pre-Paid, because of Low flat tariff and nationwide mobility, it’s a Pre-paid
service, no monthly rent required and instant use due to pre-activation, no hassles of
bill payment.
 Information Service through mobile because of easy access, interesting theme, and
reasonable rate and for being new and innovative.
 Village phone because of use of Grameen Bank’s borrower network and for having
access to BTTB & ISD.

Subscription Unit
Customer Management Division (CMD) of GrameenPhone Limited is consists of 15 units;
Subscription Unit is one on them. This is the unit that remains very close to the customer and
always busy to meet the satisfaction of GPs’ valued customer.

Subscription Services
Subscription Unit is the unit that performs its job in touch with all other divisions. The
following figure [Fig-3.1] shows us the subscription services in a whole.

i) Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is one of the important services of subscription. Among the
services they allocate phone number for various packages. They planed for new
product and packages. They receive the subscription papers all over the country
from the dealers.

ii) Technical
Subscription unit also has some technical responsibilities. Among them quality
assurance of the SIM features, testing the SIM, SIM problem is important.
iii) Legal
Subscription service also deals with the legal issue and various legal procedures.

iv) IT
Subscription Unit also has IT services. This service mainly develop the customize
software for maintaining the customer database and other soft wares to maintain
efficient customer relation. All the Customer Relation Centers all over the country
are connected with central database. This network maintenance is also a
subscription unit’s service.

● Quality Assurance
● Test SIM
● Pre Paid Reconnection
● SIM Problem
Sales & Marketing
● Number allocation
● Activation Papers Legal
● International Roaming ● Procedure
● Subscription Paper Receiving
● Product and Planning
● Test SIM

Finance ● Software Development
● International Roaming ● Networking between all CRC

Fig : Subscription Services

Another important service of subscription unit is to monitor the international
roaming facilities of the subscriber as well as the credit of the subscriber.
This is the flow of subscription services.

Information Activation,
Center Fax or Instant Migration,
courier Services SIM Change, Sorting
Services International

Subscriber Dealers or
Agents Electronic
Corporate Check,
Care Provisioning,
Sales and Number Hotline- 155
Marketing allocation
Fig: Subscription Services flow Chart


The Customers are in the mainstream of sales oriented services. The success of such
companies largely depends on the satisfaction of the customers .The buyers are happy if the
product and/or the services meet their expectations. If their requirements do not meet the
expectations the buyers become discontented, they are delighted when the performance fulfils
their requirements.

Customers’ past buying experiences, the opinion of friends, associates, marketer, competitor
information and promises lead to the expectations. Marketer must be careful to set the right
level of expectations. If they set expectations too low, they may satisfy those who buy but fail
to attract enough buyers. In contrast, if they raise expectations too high, buyers are likely to
bedisappointed. Dissatisfaction can arise either from a decrease in product and service quality
or from an increase in customer expectations. In either case, it presents an opportunity for
companies that can deliver superior customer value and satisfaction.

To-day most successful companies have taken the strategy of are raising expectations and
delivering performance to match. Such companies track their customers’ expectations,
perceived company performance, and customer satisfaction. Highly satisfied customers
produce several benefits for the company. Satisfied customers are fewer prices sensitive
remain customers for a longer period and talk favorably to others about the company and its
products and services.

Although the customer centered firm seeks to deliver high customer satisfaction relative to its
competitors, it does not attempt to maximize customer satisfaction. A company can always
increase customer satisfaction by lowering its price and increasing its services, but it may
result in lower profits. Thus, the purpose of marketing is to generate customer value
Now, we have a very good idea regarding the importance of customer satisfaction. So, it is
also important for the company to know about the satisfaction level of the customers. When
any problem is identified, it becomes easier to solve the problem.
The next part of this paper has focused on the “Customer Satisfaction Factors of
GrameenPhone”. It is done through a research survey to find out the customer satisfaction
level of GrameenPhone.
Customer Satisfaction Factors of GP:

GrameenPhone is a fast growing mobile company. In mobile telecommunication industry,

there are direct and indirect factors that influence customer satisfaction. Here focus on the
most important factors that influence customer satisfaction at GrameenPhone which relates
with after sales services.

Air time is the core offering of GrameenPhone, So, quality of communication network
availability, etc, are the most important customer satisfaction factors, quality of airtime
depends on the ratio of subscribers and transmission base station. It the numbers of
subscribers are increased without developing the network, quality of airtime goes down

After Sales Services:

After sales services is very important in the mobile telecommunication industry. GP has
extensive after sales customer care tools. Here foucus on these step by step.

1. Helpline:
GP is the first company that introduced 24hours helpline in Bangladesh. In this part of my
paper I tried to focus on the existing operations of the helpline service of GP.which will
enable us to understand the importance of the helpline service.

A GP subscriber needs to dial 122, 121,148 to reach Grameen Phone Helpline. It is a

computer aided information base to afford immediate access to the information about the
subscribers, but the operations are done manually. After dialing 122, 121,148 subscribers are
first welcomed by an automated and standarilized process. Then he needs to wait for few
seconds. After that the subscriber reaches the Customer Manager. CM starts the conversation
with a greeting. The subscriber explains his/her problems to the CM (some basic queries are
enclosed in Appendix-2)
If the inquiry is regarding general information, the customer relations officer does not need to
take help of information system. She/he just provides the information and the subscriber keep
the phone.
There are some queries that are much more personalized and the CM needs to get into the
account of that particular subscriber to provide the service. In some case, the subscriber just
keeps the complaint/ request and later action is needed to be taken.

Customer need to pay TK. 4 per minute to take the service from helpline.

2 Interactive Voice Responses (IVR):

This newly introduced service by GrameenPhone. This is automated helpline service. A GP
subscriber needs to dial 123 to reach this service. After that she/he can get information
regarding the bill, usage, credit policy, bank name that receives GP’s bill and so on by
choosing different options.Itisfree of charge for the first minute, from the second minute the
subscriber needs to pay tk.2 per minute.

3. Information Centers:
Most of the problems of the subscribers are solved by the helpline service. But there are
some problems that can not be solved there. Subscriber need to come physically to deal with
that problems.Grameen Phone has seven customer relation centers and 380 GPSDs which
provide services all over the country.

These Customer Relation Centers are situated in the prime divisional head quarters like
Dhaka, Chittagone, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Khulna and GPSDs situated all most everywhere in
Bangladesh. In these information centers the subscribers can come directly with their
problems like billing, address change, SIM change, handset problems, etc.
These after sales services are very crucial to keep subscribers satisfied regarding

Survey Findings:
In order to measure the satisfaction of the customers a series of questions were asked to the
customers with the help of a questionnaire, the data from these questions are tabulated below.
For clear understanding, the overall satisfaction has been divided into satisfaction with the
package and satisfaction with the after sales service. As already mentioned, the survey was
conducted among hundred GrameenPhone subscribers, it was conducted in the information
center as subscribers from different areas in Dhaka come to this center
Interpretation of Survey Data:
a. I use GrameenPhone because it is the best:

Strongly Agree 25%

Agree 55%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 15%
Disagree 5%
Strongly Disagree 0%

Strongly Agree
15% 25%

Neither Agree nor


Strongly Disagree

b. I use GP mobile as it has additional features in comparison to other operators.

Strongly Agree 29%
Agree 63%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 8%
Disagree 0%
Strongly Disagree 0%

70% 63%
Strongly Agree

40% 29%
30% Neither Agree nor Disagree
10% 0% 0% Disagree

Strongly Disagree



c. Price of Gramophone’s different package is affordable.

Strongly Agree 4%
Agree 49%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 13%
Disagree 23%
Strongly Disagree 11%

50% Strongly Agree

30% 23%
Neither Agree nor Disagree
20% 13% 11%
10% 4% Disagree

Strongly Disagree




d. I am satisfied with the service (quality of airtime and network availability) of GP.
Strongly Agree 9%
Agree 26%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 24%
Disagree 30%
Strongly Disagree 11%
30% 26%
24% Strongly Agree

Percentage 20% Agree

15% 11% Neither Agree nor Disagree

5% Disagree

0% Strongly Disagree




e. Whenever I want to have a GP connection, I can get it.

Strongly Agree 23%

Agree 28%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 17%
Disagree 19%
Strongly Disagree 13%


Strongly Agree

Neither Agree nor

28% Disagree
Strongly Disagree

f. GP helpline is very helpful in meeting my queries and other needs

Strongly Agree 10%
Agree 35%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 20%
Disagree 15%
Strongly Disagree 20%

40% 35%
35% Strongly Agree

25% 20% 20% Agree

20% 15%
15% 10% Neither Agree nor Disagree
5% Disagree


Strongly Disagree



g. GP helpline is very helpful in meeting my queries and other needs

Strongly Agree 9%
Agree 40%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 20%
Disagree 15%
Strongly Disagree 10%

Strongly Agree
10% 9%
Neither Agree nor
40% Disagree
Strongly Disagree

h. Billing rate of GP is low:

Strongly Agree 3%
Agree 18%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 14%
Disagree 37%
Strongly Disagree 28%





20% 37%

15% 28%

10% 18%

Strongly Agree Neither Agree Disagree Strongly
Agree nor Disagree Disagree


i. Criteria’s important while purchasing any cellular service

Criteria No. of subscribers

Network Coverage 68
International Roaming 11
Value added Services 12
After Sales service 16
Easy Bill Payment System. 37

68 Network
50 International
40 37 Roaming
30 Value added
20 16 Services
10 1112
After Sales
0 service
No. of
subscribers Easy Bill Payment

As we can see from the above table and the chart, maximum number of subscribers would
purchase a cellular service which has a good network coverage, apart from that the other
criteria which is they consider after network coverage is easy bill payment system.

j. Criteria’s which were considered while purchasing GrameenPhone

Criteria No. of subscribers

Network Coverage 68
International Roaming 8
Value added Services 7
24 hrs customer service 48
Pre-paid facility and bill 37
payment facility

70 68 Network Coverage
50 International
40 37 Roaming
30 Value added
20 16 Services
1112 After Sales
0 service
No. of Easy Bill Payment
subscribers System.

From the chart and the table above it can be seen that most of the subscribers purchased
GrameenPhone due its network coverage. Also by looking at the figures the bill payment
system and the 24 hrs customer service were the other common attributes which attracted the
subscribers to purchase GrameenPhone

k. Satisfaction with the after sales service

 When you are faced with a problem what do you do?

Criteria No. of subscribers

Call up the GP hotline 54
Write a letter 6
Go to the Information center 48
60 54
50 48
Call up the GP
40 hotline
30 Write a letter
10 6 Go to the
0 Information center
No. of

From the above table it can be seen that most of the subscribers either call up the GP hotline
or they go to the information center.

l. Are the GP employees able to solve your problem regarding the following criteria’s?

Criteria’s Always Sometimes Never N/A Total

Billing 32 25 4 39 100
Bar/ unbar line 29 22 2 47 100
After sales service 49 31 5 15 100
Special service 17 21 2 60 100
(International roaming)
Value Added services 60 22 18 18 100
Total 187 121 31 179 100

From the table above it can be seen that regarding almost every criteria, the Grameen Phone
employees are able to solve the problem most of the time.

But at the same time there is quite a large number who always do not get a solution to their
problem this occur because for certain queries a subscriber has to go to the information
center and GrameenPhone has only one information center, due to this shortage a customer is
made to wait long hours in a queue. Also many times when the line takes more than a day to
be reconnected.
m. Subscribers’ perception of the different Grameen Phone package

What is your perception of GrameenPhone?

Excellen Good, but Alright, I use Bad, I am Total
t, I am the GP because looking
fully services no other for
satisfied could be company alternative
improved offers
Which GP 6 34 14 0 54
Grameen GP regular 3 9 1 0 13
Phone GPGP 1 12 2 1 16
Package Regular 0 14 1 3 17
do you GP-GP
Total 10 69 18 3 100

It can be seen from the above table that most of the subscribers from every package perceive
their respective packages as good packages but they feel that the services can be improved.
According to the four faces of customer loyalty by Smart Loyalty, we could consider the 10%
to fall under truly loyal customers as highly satisfied, 69% of the subscribers could be
considered as accessible because they feel that the services can be improved, these
subscribers want to give a chance to GP to earn their loyalty. 18% could be considered as
trapped because they use GrameenPhone as no other company offers them the services and
only 3% fall under High-risk as these subscribers do not like the GrameenPhone services and
are looking for alternatives.
n. Opinion whether GrameenPhone subscribers would remain loyal if another
company came up with packages of similar features.

Disagree Neither agree or Agree Strongly Total

disagree agree
Which GP prepaid 9 17 20 8 54
Grameen GP regular 3 3 3 4 13
Phoneattributes: GPGPNeither agree 5or disagree + disagree
5 =33+203 = 53 3 16
Positive attributes: agree
package + strongly agree3= 28+19 =47
regular 8 2 4 17
do you GPGP
Total 20 33 28 19 100

Some Representative “Additional Comments”:

 Helpline is not so easy to reach.

 Behavior of helpline officers is quite rough.
 Helpline gives support to solve our problem.
 Info Centers take a whole day to solve a small problem.
 In Dhaka city, there should be more info centers, especially in old side.
 Prepaid connections are very difficult to avail.
 Billing rate should be reduced, it is too high.
 GrameenPhone does not think about the subscribers, their main intensions are to make

Finding on Analysis
Several frequency distribution have been constructed to find the answers
regarding the customers perspective of grameen phone line users. By the
analysis. Some limitation of grameen providers have been identified. The most
important finding of the analysis is customers have claimed some problem on
their network system. It is found that some of the customer of grameen hardly
got connected after calling more then 4 or 5 times. This problem happens
especially in case of connecting outside Dhaka . it is found from the analysis on
customers occupation that the grameen is being more used by the students. Also
the have been frequently changing their choices regarding mobile service
providers. By proper customer care, once they catch this group for long
time,they can better perform in the market. Analysis shows that80% of the
customers use prepaid lines. One of the significant finding from the analysis is
that customer who use grameen , use the line because of minimum call charge
compared to other. So further study is needed to understand the related
problems and the company should offer more facilities to the competitors to
increase their customer and present users satisfaction.

The means to overcome the needs of the customers have been discussed in this chapter. These
lead to the various recommendations given in chapter 7. Hopefully these recommendations
will create awareness to GrameenPhone authority to resolve the problems of the customers.

Analysis of the Results:

It is already discussed that GrameenPhone is the leading company in the mobile
telecommunication industry in Bangladesh. This has been possible because it has a created a
superior image in comparison to the other operators. In other words, GP has a clear advantage
over competitors.

GrameenPhone has some additional advantageous features in comparisons to its competitors.

There is easier access to person to person contract. Another important thing is that GP users
are mostly satisfied with the initial price of GP connections and handsets. Before GP’s
introduction to the market, mobile phones were virtually out of reach to the major part of the
current market. Moreover, GrameenPhone subscribers are happy with the country wide

However, there is dissatisfaction among the GP users with the service of the company. Many
important factors are acting as reasons behind this overall dissatisfaction. Quality of airtime
and network availability is not satisfactory.Grameen Phone connections are difficult to reach
sometimes. It so happens that the subscribers used to pay extra money to get the access. This
is especially true for prepaid service. It is encouraging that very recently situation has
improved to a certain extent bases on the findings in this report.

The “Info Centers” of GP are very important for some after sales services. But, there is
shortage of capacity of this service, In Dhaka “Info Centers” are located at Gulshan,
Dhanmondhi, Mothijheel, Uttara, these four centers cannot cope with the demand of vastly
populated Dhaka city. The GP helpline is also an important customer care tool. But it is also
in shortage of capacity. Subscribers need to spend significant amount of time to reach the
helpline. Behavior of the helpline CM is also sometimes unmanageable. They are to handle
continuous queries. So it may so happen at times the CMs cannot keep up smiling voice and
amenable behavior.
Most of the subscribers are not happy with the billing rate of GP.They think it is too high in
the context of Bangladesh, But they are still using the service as GP is still more easily
accessible. Many newer companies are coming up with the lower price; it is thus a great
challenge to GP to face,

Another significant dissatisfaction of the GP users is that most of the GP connections are
mobile to mobile. Access to BTTB is rare. Wider access with BTTB will boast the
subscribers. Most alarming thing is that most of the GrameenPhone users are not loyal
towards the company. If BTTB or any other company comes up with same sort of services,
the GP subscribers might switch to that company

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Annual Report

Sample Questioner
1. User’s Name:……………………………………………………

2. Age:………………………………………………………………

3. Occupation:…………………………………………………………

4. Length of phone use:……………………………………………….

5. Type of sim card: Pre-Paid Post-Paid

6. Reason for using the line: Minimum call charge

Good network
Minimum pulse
Special Bonus

7. Per month Expense: 100 – 500 501 -1000

1001 -2000 More than 2000

8. Location of user’s: Dhaka Out side Dhaka

9. Problems from Grsmeen use: Bad network

No network in village
No problem

10. Do you wannachange your line? Yes No

If yes why-
Often network problem faced
No voice SMS
sometime charged more