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Zen Cafes. Introducing the published works of Patrick Dixon.

The relentless pursuit of profit can result in a

systemically dysfunctional enterprise or
If you are an investor, manager or employer you
should be aware of the warning signs before too

Don’t take our word for it! See the film, buy the
DVD or read the book:

There are alternatives to investing in risky


Careers with us
If you are a recent graduate or entrepreneur or you are interested in making an
independent living, running an enterprise or being a business advisor there is
something you should know:

 Principles of Profitable Organisation

 Principles of Natural Harmony: Brand Management for the 21st Century.

Both these courses are available to Eco-graduates who apply for a place to study
with us on a weekend course or 5-day residential seminar.

Career Support
Graduates of our Graduate School courses (Euro
Graduates or Eco-graduates) can apply for Career
Support or Enterprise Support services, to enable them
to live and work in the city and country of choice, on an
independent basis, or as a member of the Eco-graduate

Co-venture opportunity
Those who understand the principles of co-operation can
work with us, as Co-ventures in Zen Cafes, based on the
examples of: World Food Café in Covent Garden, The Hub, London, Edinburgh,
Johannesburg, Bristol and Flow Internet Cafes.

The authority we refer to

(See: Good Business, Flow and the Making of Meaning: and

Social Enterprise commitment

A proportion of the proceeds of Freedom Cola go to: and

The Secret
The secret of sustainable enterprise lies within. It lies with those who have
learned to read the marketplace, and learned to listen to their customers, using
intuition rather than data. When your customers have already made up their
minds, and switched their buying habits, it can be an expensive exercise to
reverse that decision!

© Zen Cafes2007. For investors in sustainable community.

Introducing Resurgence Trust and Schumacher College.
Zen Cafes. Introducing the published works of Patrick Dixon.

Our work is based on the thinking and experience of Patrick Dixon. See

Don’t take our word for it, do the research and consider the business case. See:

The next step

To apply for a Zen Cafes Master Class: Download the Prospectus here.

When you graduate

On completion of the Master Class seminar you can apply
to set up your own independent café, internet café or
business centre offering flexible workspace, IT support
and creative services to professionals and corporate

How to do it? Read the book: 57 Real-life laws of

Entrepreneurship or apply to learn from us directly.

It’s your choice

You can go the independent route and become a franchisee: or apply to Co-venture with Zen Cafes.

Co-ventures deliver Learning Support

Co-ventures can also deliver courses to local enterprises based on the following
 Money for Nothing – Real Wealth, Financial Fantasies and the Economy of
the Future by Roger Bootle
 The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of a Learning Organisation by
Peter Senge
 Profit Beyond Measure by Johnson and Broms
 Building a Better Business: the Key to Marketing, Management and
Motivation by Patrick Dixon
 Published works from The Lean Institute:

Curriculum Development
As a Co-venture with Zen Cafes you can access curricula development and
courseware for professionals, managers and their organisations.

The kinds of organisation we can work with

Co-venture opportunities are ideal for those who seek to provide Enterprise
Support and Career Support: education providers, flexible workspace providers as
well as ISPs, virtual ISPs, partnerships of professional advisors: law service
providers and accountants, mobile phone companies and business schools.

Our points of reference

Take a look at our reference points: the people who inspire us, the organisations
whose values we share. Available on request.

Eco-graduates are invited to attend an Eco-visionaries course at Schumacher
College, or attend a five-day seminar at The Design School of Central Europe, The
Chateau, Slovakia, based on the Eighth Habit by Stephen Covey.

© Zen Cafes2007. For investors in sustainable community.

Introducing Resurgence Trust and Schumacher College.
Zen Cafes. Introducing the published works of Patrick Dixon.

Creative holidays in Greece

For those who want to realise their creative potential we offer two week-long
retreats in a Mediterranean location: Portugal, Italy, Spain or Greece using as a
handbook the work Thinking for a Change by Michael J Gelb.

Greece, UK or Slovakia? You decide! You can redeem the cost of your studies
through access to start-up resources, consultancy and support. This offer is by
invitation only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Discover the power to create, communicate and lead.

The value of resources that you can access

Co-ventures access courseware and resources up to a

value of £190,000 to run seminars and workshops.

We can also develop bespoke curricula for education

providers to market your own courses independently:

We specialise in Human Ecology as an inter-disciplinary

holistic perspective:
 Leadership
 Project management
 Language learning
 Managing multi-culture
 Identifying opportunity
 Managing creativity and
 Continuous improvement - kai-zen.

Flow Internet Cafes welcome Co-ventures who study with us to work with:

Flow PR. Flow IT, Zen Cafes and Suit Yourself Media and Communications.

© Zen Cafes2007. For investors in sustainable community.

Introducing Resurgence Trust and Schumacher College.