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Analysis of FMS 2005

Major change in the paper was that Data Interpretation and General
Knowledge sections were missing. Though the total numbers of questions
were same as last year: 175 questions to be attempted in 2 hours.

As compared to last year, questions in Quantitative Ability section were

easy. More priority was given to topics on algebra and arithmetic.

Total number of questions = 175

Time = 2 hrs

Scoring pattern: 4 marks for every correct attempt, -1 for every wrong

Sr.No. Area covered Number of question Difficulty

1 English usage 28 Average
2. Reasoning 50 Average
3. Reading 47 Average
4. Quantitative aptitude 50 Easy
TOTAL 175 Average
Sectional Break – Up


1. 47 questions were based on Reading Comprehension. This area was of

average difficulty level. There were three passages consisting of 23,
13, 11 questions. But the passages given were lengthy so this part of
English was time consuming.
2. The English Usage based questions were of average difficulty level
and had the following break-up:

Fill in the blanks – 5 questions

Analogies, Antonym, Synonym -23 questions.

Reasoning :

Total 50 questions were there from this area, which was of average difficulty
level. The reasoning area was a fair mix of both analytical and logical
reasoning. The questions were mostly easy, though a few questions from
Analytical Reasoning could be considered tough and time consuming.

Quantitative aptitude:

There were total 50 questions from this section. As compared to last year,
questions in this section were bit easy. Most of the questions were direct
formula based. Majority of the questions were from Algebra and Arithmetic.
The mathematics section mostly had questions on permutation and
combination, numbers, series, logarithm, base and indices, speed time ad
distance, alligation, mixtures, numbers, profit and loss, time and work and
averages. Besides there were a few questions from circles.

The overall paper was of an average difficulty level. Candidates who obtain
an overall score of 380 to 400 can expect a call.