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List of bound bases and affixes (b = bound base, p = prefix, s = suffix) a- (p) ab-, abs- (p) -able (s)

ac- (p) acer (b) acid (b) acrid (b) -ad, -ade (s) ad1- (p) -ad, -ade (s) aero (b) af- (p) ag- (p) ag (b) -age (s) agi (b) ago (b) agri, agro (b) al- (p) -al (s) alli, allo, alter (b) amb-, ambi-, ambiti- (p) amphi- (p) t an- (p) -an (s) ana- (p) -ance, -ancy (s)

not, without, lack of, negation, deficiency away, from, separate able, can do to. toward sharp sour bitter action, result of action to, toward action, result of action air, of air see adsee addo act of, state of, function, result of, collection of move go field see adrelating to other about, around, both wo, both not, absence of (see also ad-) native of, relating to up, back, again, excessive, too much action, process, quality, state, degree

d in ad- assimilates with the base. It becomes c, f, g, l, n, p, r, s, t when they are initials of the bases to which ad- is added, e.g. accept, afiance, aggressive, alledge, announce approach, arrange,assure, attract. Accorfingly, ac-, af-, ag-, al-, an-, ap-, ar-, as-, and at- are allomorphs of ad-. They are all prefixes and have the same meanig as ad-.

-ant (s) anni, annu (b) ant- (p) ante- (p) anthrop (b) anti- (p) ap- (p) apo- (p) aqua (b) ar- (p) -ar (s) arch (b) -ary (s) as- (p) -assis (s) aster, astro (b) at- (p) -ata (s) -ate (s) aud, aus (b) aut, auto (b) ae- (p) bene (b) bi-, bin- (p) biblio (b) bio (b) bis- (p) bon (b) calor (b) cap (b) capit, capt (b)

person who, that which, with quality of year against before man against see adaway from water see adone who, that which ruler relating to, quality, place where see adaction, process, condition star see adaction, result of action cause, make hear, listen self intensive well, good two book life twice well, good heat take, receive head, chief, leader

cata- (p) -ce (s) cede, ceed (b) cep, cept (b) cess (b) chrom (b) chron (b) -cian (s) -cide (s) circ-, circum- (p) cise (b) civ (b) clam (b) cluid, clus (b) cognosc (b) co-, col- com-, con- (p) coni- (p) cor-, cord (b) corp, corpo (b) corr- (p) cosm (b) crea (b) cred (b) cub (b) -cule (s) cumb (b) cus, cuse (b) cycl, cyclo (b) de- (p) dem (b) demi- (p)

down quality, condition, state go, yield, surrender take, receive go, yield, surrender color time a person who has a certain skill or art kill around cut citizen declare, call out, cry out shut know with, together dust heart body with, together world, universe create believe lean back, lied down vey small lean back, lie down cause, motive wheel, circle, circular away, from people half

demo (b) dent (b) di- (p) dia- (p) dic, dict (b) dis- (p) -dom (s) dont- (b) dorm (b) drome, dromos (b) duc, duce, duct (b) dyn, dynamo (p) dys- (p) e-, ec- (p) -ee (s) ef- (p) em-, en- (p) -en (s) -ence, -ency (s) end, edno (b) enni (b) -ent (s) epi- (p) -er (s) -ery (s) -esis (s) -ess (s) eu- (p) ex- (p) fac, fact (b) feal (b)

people tooth two, double, separate through say, declare take away, not, deprive of quality, realm, office, sate tooth sleep running lead power pain, difficulty, out of order, ill out one who receives the action out in, into made of, make action, state, quality within year person who, that which, with quality of upon, beside, among one who, that which relating to quality, place where action, condition, process of feminine pleasant, well, good out, from make trust, faith

fect (b) fedder (b) fer (b) fic (b) fid, fide (b) fila, fili (b) fin, finis (b) flect, flex (b) (b) fortuna (b) fum (b) -ful (s) -fy (s) ge (b) gen (b) geo (b) germ (b) gest (b) gnosi (b) grad (b) grat (b) gravi, gravit (b) gress (b) hab (b) helio (b) hema (b) hemi- (p) hemo (b) hepta- (p) hetero (b)

make trust, faith bring, bear, yield make trust, faith thread end bend flowing fortunate, chance smoke full of make earth, soil, ground race, kind of earth, soil, ground vital part carry, bear know step, degree, walk pleasing heavy, weighty step, degree, walk live, home sun blood half blood seven other, different

forc, flu, fluct. fluv, flux fort (b) strong

hexa-, hexo- (p) holo (b) homo (b) hum (b) e hydr, hydra, hydro (b) hyper- (p) hypn, hypno (b) hypo- (p) -iac (s) -ia (s) -ian (s) -ible (s) -ic, -ical (s) -icle (s) il- (p) -ile (s) im- (p) in-2 (p) -ine (s) intellect, intellig (b) inter- (p) iintra- (p) intro- (p) -ion (s) ir- (p) -ish (s) -ism (s) -ist (s) -ite (s)

six, six times all, whole, complete same, similar arth, ground water over, excessive, above sleep under, less nature of, like quality of, state of, act of native of, relating to able, can do nature of, like very small not relating to, suited for, capable of not, in, into not, in, into native of power to know and think between among within into, inward act of, state of, result of not (see also in-) origin, nature, resemble belief in, doctrine, practice of, condition of, instance of one who believes in, who professes or practices native of, quality, mineral product

n in the negative prefix in- is conditioned by the nature of the initial sound of the the base to which it gets attached. It becomes m and p, l and r respectively when they are innitials of the base. So in- respectively becomes im-, il-, and ir- when the base begins with a bilabial (/m/ or /p/), liquids /l/ and /r/.

-ity (s) -ive (s) -ize (s) ject (b) jud, judi, judic (b) jus, jur (b) koni (b) lav, laut (b) leg (b) -less (s) liber (b) lic, licit (b) -like (s) -ling (s) lit, liter, litera (b) liver (b) loc (b) loco (b) log, logo (b) loqui (b) lot (b) luc, lum, lun (b) lus, lut (b) -ly (s) macro (b) magna, magni (b) mal- (p) man, manu (b) mar, mari (b) matri, matric, matro (b) medi (b)

state of, quality causing, making make throw, lie judge, lawyer law dust wash law without free permit similar to, typical of very small letter free place, speak place word speak wash light wash like, in the manner of large, excessive great bad, evil by hand sea, pool mother half, middle, between, half way

mega, megalo (b) mem (b) -ment (s) mer (b) micro (b) migra (b) mis, miso (b) miss, mit (b) mob (b) mon-, mono- (p) monstr, monstri (b) mort (b) mov (b) multi (b) nase, nat (b) neo (b) -ness (s) neur (b) nom (b) nomy (b) non- (p) nounc (b) nov (b) numer (b) nunci (b) ob-3 (p) oc- (p) of- (p) -oid (s) -ology (s)

large remember act of, state of, result of sea, pool small, minute wander wrong, bad, hate send move one show death move many, much to be born, to spring forth new, recent state of nerve law, usage, custom study, discipline not declare, warn new number declare, warn against, facing against, facing agianst, facing like, resembling study, science, theory

ob- assimilates with the initial of the base. When the base begins with c, f, or p, it respectively becomes oc-, of-, or op-

omni (b) onym (b) op- (p) oper (b) -or (s) -ory (s) opus (b) -osis (s) oss, osteo (b) -ous (s) pan (b) para (p) pater, patr (b) ped (b) pel (b) pen, pend (b) per- (p) peri- (p) pharmac(o) (b) phil, phila, phile, philo (b) phob (b) photo (b) pict, picto (b) plac, plais (b) plu, plur (b) pod (b) poly (b) pop (b) pos (b) post- (p)

all name against, facing work one who, that which relating to, quality, place where work action, process, condition bone full of, having all beside, along side, position father foot drive, push, throw hang through around drug, medicine, remedy love fear, fright light paint please more foot many people place, set after, behind, following

pneum, pneumona, pneumon (b) breath

poten, potes (b) pre- (p) prim, prime (b) pro- (p) pseudo- (p) psych(o) (b) puls (b) punct (b) put (b) radic (b) re- (p) rect, recti (b) retro- (p) ri, ridi, risi (b) rog, roga (b) rupt (b) sang, sangui (b) sat, satis (b) scope (b) scrib, scrip (b) se- (p) semi- (p) sesqui (p) -ship (s) -sia (s) sign, signi (b) silic (b) simil, simul (b) -sion (s) -sis (s) sist (b)

power before first forward, forth false, untrue mind, soul, reason drive, push, throw point, dot think root back, again straight, right back, backwards, behind laghter ask, beg to break, to burst blood enoguh see, watch write apart, aside, without half one and a half office, state, dignigty quality of, state of, act of sign, mark, seal flint like, resembling act of, state of, result of action, state stand

-some (s) soph (b) spec, spect, spectro (b) spond, spons (b) sta (b) stereo (b) sti, stit (b ) stru, struct (b) sub- (p) sume, sump (b) super-, supr-, supra- (p) sur- (p) -sy (s) syl-, sym-, syn-,4 (p) tact, tag (b) tain (b) tang (b) techni, technic, techny (b) tele- (p) tempor (b) ten (b) tend, tens (b) tent (b) test (b) the, theo (b) -tian (s) tig, ting (b) tinu (b) -tion (s) tra- (p)

producing, likely to wisdom watch, see, observe pledge, answer stand solid stand build under, beneath take, use, waste above, over, beyond, general in quality over, above, more quality of, state of, act of with, together, along with touch hold, hold together touch skill far away, at a distance time hold, hold toghether strecth, strain hold, hold together, stretch, strain to bear witness god a person who has a certain skill or art touch hold, hold together act of, state of, result of across, through, over

syl-,and sym-- are allomorphs of syn- because of assimilation in which n becomes l and m when the base begins with the liquid /l/ or a bilabial (/m/ or/ p/), respectively.

tract, trah (b) trans- (p) tri- (p) trib (b) -tude (s) tui, tuit, tut (b) -ty (s) ultima (b) ultra- (p) un- (p) uni (b) -ure (s) vac (b) val, vali, valu (b) vari (b) ven, veni, vent (b) ver, veri (b) vers, vert (b) vic, vicis (b) vict (b) vid (b) vinc (b) vis (b) vita, viv, vive (b) voc, vok (b) volcan, vulcan (b) -ward(s) (s) -wise (s) -y (s) xen(o) (b)

draw, pull across, through, over three, three fold, triple bestow state of, condition of guard, teach state of, quality last beyond, exceeding, ulterior not one state of, act, process, rank empty strength, worth, valor various, changing, changeable, different come true, genuine turn change, substitute, deputy conquer see conquer see alive, life voice, call fire in the direction of in the manner of, in the direction of inclined to, tend to, quality, condition, state guest, strange(r), foreign(er)

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