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November 8, 2011 Hon. Daniel G. Corpuz Undersecretary, Dept. of Tourism T.M. Kalaw Street Ermita, Manila Dear Usec.

Corpuz, Thank you for your invitation to the Tourism Congress on Friday (not Thursday as your letter mentions ) on 11 November at the PICC. I had all the intention of attending and have encouraged many other accredited tourism enterprises to do so, given what I was told by Sec. Jimenez when we met at the Intercon last Friday, November 4, that:

1. The Tourism Congress on November 11 was a compromise reached by the

current Tourism Congress led by Alma Jimenez and the group that met with him on Friday morning composed of Mrs. Alejandra Clemente, Mr. Nit Razaga, Mr. Nonoy Yulo, Ms. Marilen Yaptangco and Atty Bel Mariano. In that meeting, which the good Secretary described as heated but ground-breaking because he was able to get the two groups to compromise, it was agreed that the current Tourism Congress will hold their 3rd GMM on November 10 and conclude their business as their terms are expiring this month and that the November 11 meeting will be an entirely new Congress under the amended IRRs, Section 137, composed of accredited tourism enterprises, as mandated by the Tourism Act of 2009. 2. Sec. Jimenz will preside over the November 11 Congress and that the UP Asian Institute of Tourism (UP-AIT) professors will be invited to act as the COMELEC during the election of the Board of Trustees of the new Congress. I was encouraged by Sec. Jimenez words and the announcement which DOT published in two newspapers on November 6, reflecting the agreement forged in his office on November 4. It is therefore with great dismay that I read the latest announcement of the current Tourism Congress, stating that the November 11 is a continuation of their 3rd GMM and that the new members will be recognized by the Chair of their Committee on Membership. This breach of trust is totally unacceptable to me and I cannot in all conscience participate in an exercise based on bad faith. I am also withdrawing the registration of my colleague, Mr. Jose Maria B. Tuano who would have represented our duly accredited Asia Pacific Tourism Training Institute. Yours sincerely, NARZALINA Z. LIM Former Secretary of Tourism