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Assignment No 2

Fluid Machinery (ME - 306)

1. Which of the inward / outward radial flow impulse turbine has better control

of speed and why?

2. In case of a Pelton wheel, to hemispherical cups are joint together and water

is directed at the junction. What I sthe advantage of this arrangement?

3. Explain the purpose of providing scroll casing and guide vanes for a reaction


4. Why is the efficiency of Kaplan turbine nearly constant irrespective of speed

variation under load?

5. What is meant by cavitation? What is Thoma’s cavitation factor, what is its

significance for water turbines?

6. Why does cavitation occur and how it can be checked in fluid machines?

7. Define the term unit speed, unit power and specific speed as used in

connection with the operation of a hydraulic machine.