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Name of the staff :Sri N.Khaja meeran
Designation :Lecturer
Branch :AEIE
Institute :S.G.P.R Govt polytechnic,Kurnool
Year/Semester :III Semester
Subject :Process Instrumentation-I
Subject code :AEI-305
Topic :Displacement and position measurement
Sub-Topic : inductive proximity sensor
Duration :50 min
Teaching Aids :PPT, Animations, Photographs.

AEI 305.19 1

Upon the completion of this topic you will be

able to know about

•Principle and operation of Inductive proximity sensor

AEI 305.19 2

It operates on the principle that the inductance of

a coil is considerably changed in the presence of

magnetic material.

AEI 305.19 3
Inductive proximity sensor

Fig 1

AEI 305.19 4
• A basic inductive
• sensor consists of a
• magnetic circuit
• made from a
• ferromagnetic core
• with a coil wound on it

AEI 305.19 5
AEI 305.19 6
Operation :

• When the object moves closer to the coil the air gap

• The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is also reduces

then the inductance of the coil increase

• The change of inductance can be measured by an a.c


• The magnitude of inductance is a measure of


AEI 305.19 7

We have discuss about

• The principle and operation of inductive proximity sensor.

AEI 305.19 8

1.Inductive proximity sensor is a

(a) Contact type displacement sensor

(c) Non contact type displacement sensor

(e) Both a & b

(g) None of the above

AEI 305.19 9
2.Inductive proximity sensor is a

(a) Resistive transducer

(c) Capacitive transducer

(e) Displacement transducer

(g) Inductive transducer

AEI 305.19 10
3.Inductive proximity sensor is used to measure

(a) Displacement

(c) Pressure

(e) Temperature

(g) None of the above

AEI 305.19 11
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Describe the principle of inductive proximity sensor.

3. Explain the operation of inductive proximity sensor

with neat diagram.

AEI 305.19 12