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Mikalalitis Argument Essay Page Layout 9 points - Default margins 3pts - Paper is double spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font 3pts Proper MLA heading 3pts Introduction 10 points - The intro eloquently introduces the texts and the main topic under discussion 5pts - The thesis reflects both the content (main points) of the essay 5pts Body of essay 45 points - Author uses sound logic and appropriate evidence 10pts - All ideas, concepts, and quotations from other sources are properly cited 5pts - Author establishes credibility by respectfully addressing opposing argument and connecting with audience 10pts - Author appeals to the readers emotions through connotative and figurative language 10pts - Every paragraph has a topic and concluding sentence that makes clear the exact purpose of the paragraph 5pts - Every paragraph actually serves as a building block, logically defending the thesis and clarifying its nuances 5pts Conclusion 5 points - The paper contains an effective concluding paragraph that leaves the reader with a sense of completeness and a conviction that the point has been made. It brings the paper to a thoughtful, satisfying end rather than a mechanical summary of the obvious 5pts Style 12 points

The paper demonstrates college-level verbal finesse. 6pts The paper has an engaging voice that is truly the writers own and captivates the readers attention 6pts

Mechanics 19 points - Spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure are flawless 5pts - There is no repetition 4pts - The diction, although sophisticated, is clear, concise, and easy to read 5pts - There are no grammatical errors 5pts