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KS 1/265, Vivekandar Street,

Email: Kottivakam, Thiruvamiyur,
Mobile: +91 9940010455 Chennai – 41.

Able to guide motivated, top-performing technical and application support teams in the administration,
installation, training, and support of client/server hardware, software, peripherals, and networked
systems for MS Windows NT/2000 Server, Windows 9x, Windows 3.x, MS-DOS, Redhat Linux
operating systems. Proven success delivering LAN/WAN/telecommunication connectivity, security
peripherals, and multi-platform design of Internet- and client/server/database-related applications

• Around 1.7 years of industry experience in System Administrator & Software development.
• Exposure to Software Development Life Cycle & development of Windows based Applications.
• Expertise in Windows NT/2000 Servers and Redhat, CentOS Linux Administrations.
• Expertise in Asterisk PBX, IAX2 VoIP Systems and cPanel configurations.
• Expertise in MPLS VPN & VSAT Networks and its devices.
• Working experience on projects by using BDE ADMIN, Delphi and BEA Tuxedo, Jolt
• Strong conceptual understanding of Security, VI Editors, Shell Scripting and BATCH Prog.
• Exposure Linux RAID 0-1, LVM, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, POP3, Samba and web Server.
• Local and remote administering of servers, routers and networks using Telnet, VNC, SSH.
• Experience working in a large-scale enterprise development environment.

Course Institution Board/university Year of completion %
MCA KGiSL-IIM Bharathiar University 2006 67.83

BSc (Comp Nehru Memorial College Bharathidasan 2002 60.05

Science) University
Diamond jubilee 1999 61.00
XII Matriculation & Higher State Board
Secondary School
X Government Higher State Board 1997 76.04
Secondary School

Certification / Training
• Hardware and Video Monitoring Certification at PSG College of Arts and Science
• Cisco Certified Inter Network device communication [Through Regional Academy]
• Completed Advanced Unix/Linux Server administration training program in Invengence
Training India Pvt Ltd – PUNE

Current Exercise
Organization IndigoTX Software Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Designation Linux Administrator
Experience 1 Year and 1 Month
Total Experience 1 Year and 9 Months


Company Name Telegenisys India Pvt Ltd

Designation Executive Support – Asterisk Servers

Role Administrate MPLS VPN, VSAT Networks And Windows NT/2000 Servers

Period & Location From 19-Feb-2006 to 01-SEP –2007 - Pune –MH

Assignment Profile:
 Configuring and Maintaining the Redhat, Asterisk PBX Servers, and Desktops in the
CentOS, Slackware Linux flavors and Windows Platforms of around 112 Nodes.
 Installation of Asterisk PBX Servers through IAX2.
 4 VoIP Dialer Machine Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
 Configuring and troubleshooting cPanel and PAP2
 Configuring and Administrates Jabber Server, DHCP, web servers and mail servers.
 Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting of Network devices like Routers and 9
network, 99 network and 2 Network linksys switches.
 Monitoring the load balance, NW-Traffic through Multi Router Traffic Grapher
and Administrate 150 Call Agents’ in Linux Platform.

Company Name IndigoTX Software Pvt Ltd

Designation Linux Administrator

Administrates 4 Linux Box with Redhat RHEL 4 and 3 windows servers.
Role Administrates MySQL and Oracle 10g DB Servers for various projects.
Configuring and Maintaining VSS, CVS systems and BEA Tuxedo 8.0, Jolt
for various web layers.

Period & Location SEP 4th 2006 to Still

 Configured and administrate four RHEL 4 Linux Serves in IBM e-Servers.
 Configured and administrate Windows NT/2000/2003 in DELL, Compaq Proliant servers.
 Maintaining Desktops and Laptops in the Windows Platform of around 160 Nodes
 Configuring and maintaining Microsoft Visual source safe 6.0 and CVS systems.
 Administrate Oracle 10g DB Servers in 3 advanced Linux Box’s and Apache web servers
and FTP Servers.
 Configuring and maintaining Bea Tuxedo 8.0 and Bea Jolt for various web layers.
 Configuring and maintaining two 3COM Switches and one CISCO Router 2700 and 3
Broadband lines with few public IPs
 Configuring and maintaining VPN systems though Open Source projects.
 Debugging hardware & software system level problems in a multi-vendor Protocol
network environment
 Administration and Maintenance of Apache web servers and FTP Servers.
 Shell scripts for various scheduled and routine tasks.

Technical Skill Managerial Skill and Achievements

+ Systems and Network Administration + Training & Instruction
+ Bash Shell scripting + Help Desk Management
+ Understanding in LAMP technologies + Production Support
+ Testing + Research and Analysis
+ VC++ 6.0,Java and Oracle 10g + Wireless Router setup
+ SSH, IP Tables and Security + Jabber server
+ Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewall + Tested various projects before
product lease.

Permanent Address: - Karuppnar Koil Thottam,
Namakkal – 637 408,
Tamilnadu, India.

Present Address: - 1/265, Vivekandar Street,

Tamilnadu, India
Res. Telephone No. 04287- 225216

Father’s Name Mr.K.Sadhasivam
Date of Birth 26 Jun 1982
Sex Male
Marital Status Single
Nationality Indian
Languages Known English, Hindi, Tamil
Hobbies Swimming, Listening to Music, Traveling, Cricket

Contact Numbers +91 9941698428 / 9940010455

E-Mail ,

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my
knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place: Chennai (Selvaraj Sadhasivam)