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Teacher Directions
The color wheel is a fun and interactive way to introduce your students to delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables and teach them to eat a variety of colors!

The goal is for your students to create a Fruit & Vegetable Color Cart using a wide variety of fruits and veggies. By completing this activity, students will learn how to create a color wheel using primary and secondary (complimentary) colors. What You Need: * tempera paint or crayons in primary colors (red, yellow, blue) * brushes * water * scissors * glue * card stock paper, poster board, or paper plate * a copy of the activity sheet

1. Ask children to paint or color the fruit or vegetable on their activity sheet. Have them paint the apple red, the corn yellow, chilie green and the blueberries blue. 2. Then have children paint or color the pumpkin, asking what color it should be. Instruct them in mixing orange from red and yellow, so they can paint the pumpkin. 3. Do the same for the grapes (blue+red), and a potato (red + green). 4. Once painted or colored, cut them out. 5. Give students paper plates, or cut circles out of card stock/posterboard. 6. Beginning with primary colors, have students glue the fruits or vegetables around the plate according to their colors to create a color wheel. Note: when pasting fruits and vegetables onto the plate, make a game of it. Ask your students where each color goes and see how many of your students can remember the primary or secondary color used to color each fruit or veggies.



Name:_______________________________________________ Paint the apple red, the corn yellow, chili green and the blueberries blue. Then mix your paint colors to paint the pumpkin (mix red & yellow), the grapes (mix red & blue), and the potato (mix red and green) Try this fruitful way to create a color wheel while introducing children to delicious and nutritious fruits!