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Hi Keerthi,

As a thumb rule minimum requirement of land per cow should be 0.25 acres for green
fodder production (Hybrid Napier) other forage crops require more land for same production

this also changes based on the type of cows kept, following is a brief idea of what you will

a cow of 450 kg body weight will require 11.25 KG of dry matter at 10 liter milk production
per day (morning and evening), 13.5 KG dry matter at 15 liter production and 15.3 KG dry
matter at 20 liter a day production

Different cows have different nutritional requirements in terms of energy, CP and minerals

it is a very vast subject and requires deep knowledge on the subject, i am only a novice and
what i can suggest you are broad inferences and generally followed recommendations

there are two ways you can go since you are looking at small scale, visit some successful
dairy farmers locally and follow the best practices or do extensive research and devise your
own approach, hiring consultants is the best approach however it will be a costly affair for
small farmers,

on my farm we are producing CO3 fodder on 3 acres and it is not sufficient for the 20 HF
cows and the milk production has come down drastically, we are hoping the newly planted
Hybrid Napier in an additional 2 acre land will grow soon to meet the need

you had earlier posted that you have a farm of 10 animals, how are you managing that one

manas reddy