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The antenna should fulfil the requirements present in the module product description. More attention should be paid to the following points: a. antenna must have shorter cable as possible. Losses @1800Mhz of RG174-type coax cable are not negletable; b. EMC radiation from digital devices could degrade the sensitivity. This kind of interferences must be evaluated and, if present, eliminated. Different ways are possible:

putting antenna away (pay attention to cable losses!); shielding; filtering;

c. antenna should be placed away from any metallic body and, if is magnet mount type, a iron basement should be provided to guarantee right impedance and radiation pattern; d. antenna polarization should not be an issue in most of situations; e. Ensure that the antenna line impedance is 50

Combo GSM/GPS antenna

Combo GSM/GPS antenna are not recommended. With this type of antenna you should face homologation issue with spurious emission test (harmonics of GSM typically are generated by GPS LNA inside the combo antennas).