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BTS(C) ~ VIHI — 06 — 048 (L) B. Tech Degree VI Semester Examination November 2006 EB/EC/CS 705 (C) ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS (Prior to 2002 Admissions) Time : 3 Hours ‘Maximum Marks : 100 L (a) _ Explain the comparison of neuroscience and artificial neural network, (9) (©) Briefly explain delta rule and what are the problems with the perceptron training, algorithm. (oy OR 1. Explain Ex-OR problem, How it js solved in multiplayer perceptron with an example. (20) in. Explain the architecture of back-propayation network with neat sketches. (20) oR lv Describe in detail the steps involved in the back-propagation training algorithm, (20) v. Discuss the structure of Kohonen layer with diagram and explain the training of the Kohonen layer (20) oR Vi. Explain the architecture of the counter propagation network with diagram. (20) VIL (@)_—_ Briefly explain the term simulated annealing. (10) ©) How to overcome network paralysis with combined Back propagation/Cauchy training? (10) OR Vill Discuss the various statistical methods of training of artificiat neural networks. (20) IX. (a) What is a recurrent network? Explain, (10) (b) _ Explain how an associative memory is different from ordinary memory. (6) (©) Write short note on local minima. 6) OR x. Explain the structure and working of BAM. (20) wee