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Q 1 What is Devsari or Dand?

Marks (2) Q 2 How did the forest law initiate the scope of for employment? Marks (2) Q 3 What were Brandis contributions in preserving Indian forest resources?

Q 4 Who was Dietrich Brandis?

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Marks (2) Q 5 What was the idea of plantation in colonial period?

Marks (2) Q 6 Mention the changes seen in the features of forest resources during industrialisation.

Marks (2) Q 7 Who could hunt according to the new Forest law?

Q 8 How did Forest Rules affect cultivation?

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Marks (3) Q 9 How did the Forest Act affect the lives of the common man in India? Marks (3) Q 10 What was the theory of Scientific Forestry? Marks (3) Q 11 Can you relate the progress of railways with the idea of deforestation in colonial period? Explain.

Marks (3) Q 12 What is meant by the term Deforestation ?

Marks (3) Q 13 Discuss the impact of the World Wars on Forest Resources.

Marks (4) Q 14 What are the similarities between colonial management of forests in Bastar and in Java?

Marks (4) Q 15 What are the recent developments in forestry?

Marks (5) Q 16 Who was Samin? What was his challenge to The Dutch? Marks (5)