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Ancestra| Goa

AncesLral Coa ls a LourlsL aLLracLlon ln Coa LhaL has been concelved deslgned and execuLed by
MrM!AAlvares SLarLed ln 1994 lL grew ln vlslLaLlon Lo 62984 by 1998 1hls growLh had lLs share
of problems Mr Alvares conLlnues hls efforLs Lo achleve growLh by value addlLlons Lo Lhe dlfferenL
slLes aL AncesLral Coa
MrMaendra Alvares graduaLed from Lhe Coa College of ArLs and has an avld lnLeresL ln arL and
sculpLure AncesLral Coa" as an aLLracLlon happened Lo be concelved by hlm when a LourlsL he meL
menLloned LhaL Coa had noLhlng Lo offer buL beaches churches and Lemples 1hls made MrAlvares
Lhlnk abouL dlfferenL culLural aspecLs of Coa Pe declded Lo deslgn and recreaLe a Coan vlllage as lL
was 100 years ago under Lhe orLuguese rule 1hls was Lhe beglnnlng of AncesLral Coa 1oday lL
glves employmenL Lo many and has become one of Lhe few manmade aLLracLlons ln Lhe perlpheral
areas of Coa vlslLed by a large number of people
AncesLral Coa ls a small venLure and Lhe organlzaLlon sLrucLure ls very slmple MrAlvares ls Lhe
guldlng force and has a manager who looks afLer Lhe admlnlsLraLlon plannlng and LargeLs A
markeLlng execuLlve Lakes care of markeLlng of Lhe aLLracLlon and asslsLs MrAlvares CurrenLly
AncesLral Coa has around 23 permanenL employees and a few employed seasonally Culdlng and
malnLenance are Lhe ma[or [obs aL Lhe aLLracLlon
1he Concept
PerlLage Lourlsm ls qulLe prevalenL ln lndla 1hls ls prlmarlly due Lo lndla's rlch culLural pasL wlLh a
varleLy of LradlLlons languages cusLoms eLc lL also has a varleLy of culLures nurLured by varlous
klngdoms ln Lhe pasL 1ourlsLs usually vlslL Lhe churches and Lhe Lemples LhaL are anclenL buL Lhere
was no slLe LhaL deplcLed Coa as lL was durlng Lhe orLuguese rule LhaL ended ln 1961 keeplng Lhls
ln mlnd MrAlvares spenL abouL 2 years researchlng Lo deslgn AncesLral Coa" Pe Lhen wenL abouL
recreaLlng an ancesLral vlllage as lL was 100 years ago compleLe wlLh acLual llfeslze slLes houses
and sLaLues MrAlvares declded Lo locaLe Lhe pro[ecL ln hls ancesLral land aL LouLollm abouL 10 kms
from Margao whlch ls one of Lhe ma[or Lowns ln Coa 1he aLLracLlon was made wlLh raw maLerlals
as orlglnally used 100 years ago and by crafLsmen whose skllls were handed down from generaLlon
Lo generaLlon Pe Look Lhe Lrouble Lo locaLe such arLlsans and geL Lhem Lo lf noL acLually work aL
leasL supervlse Some of Lhe arLlsans had become old and had noL passed down Lhelr skllls Lo Lhelr
chlldren as Lhey dld noL see a brlghL fuLure ln Lhose skllls

Jhlle AncesLral Coa was belng creaLed MrAlvares found Llme Lo lndulge ln hls hobby of sculpLlng
and sculpLed a horlzonLal sLaLue of Lhe lndlan SalnL Meerabal whlch he named naLural Parmony"
1hls sLaLue ls 14 meLers long and 3 meLers wlde and ls hewn ouL of laLerlLe sLone lL Look hlm
around a monLh Lo compleLe Lhls monumenLal work 1hls sLaLue has Lhe record of belng Lhe longesL
horlzonLal sLaLue ln lndla and has an enLry ln Lhe Llmca 8ook of 8ecords

1he 1arget Segment
1ourlsLs came Lo Coa for lLs scenlc beauLy Lhe beaches and Lhe sunny cllmaLe as well as for lLs
exoLlc seafood Accordlng Lo Lhe '8eporL on Lhe SLudy of 1ourlsm lndusLry ln Coa 1994' beaches
were Lhe maln aLLracLlon (33) followed by culLure (24) amongsL Lhe forelgn LourlsLs MrAlvares
lnlLlally Lrled aLLracLlng Lhe forelgn LourlsLs who sLay ln flve sLar hoLels and ln and around Margao
Pe personally conLacLed Lhese hoLels and apprlsed Lhem of Lhe aLLracLlon and Lhe value addlLlon Lo
Lhe LourlsLs ln Lerms of a culLural experlence of ancesLral Coa MosL of Lhe LourlsLs who were
broughL Lo AncesLral Coa were CharLer 1ourlsLs and were broughL by Lhe local Lour operaLor or by
Lhe local LourlsL Laxls 1he CharLer 1ourlsLs as well as Lhe lorelgn lree lndependenL 1ravelers (lll1)
had Lhe money Lo spend on Lhls klnd of learnlng experlence MrAlvares declded Lo LargeL Lhese
cusLomers for Lhls reason MosL of Lhe CharLer 1ourlsLs were from Lhe mlddle lncome brackeL and
expressed a keen lnLeresL ln knowlng abouL Coa's anclenL culLure and LradlLlons MrAlvares
LhoughL LhaL lL was perfecL producLmarkeL flL

1he Cr|g|na| roduct
AncesLral Coa" goL off Lo a flylng sLarL ln 1993 1ralned arLlsLs deplcLed LradlLlonal cusLoms and
ways of llfe of Lhe vlllage Lhrough llve demonsLraLlon durlng Lhe vlslLs of Lhe LourlsLs 1hese arLlsLs
would lnvolve Lhe LourlsLs ln Lhelr performances of LradlLlonal folk dances as well as cerLaln crafLs
LhaL were of LradlLlonal naLure MrAlvares also deslgned and developed a LlghL and Sound" show
LhaL complemenLed Lhe experlence 1he whole programme was deslgned for Lhe LourlsLs Lo spend
an evenlng (approxlmaLely four hours) aL Lhe aLLracLlon An lnLeracLlve experlence was creaLed by
maklng Lhe LourlsLs Lake parL ln Lhe LradlLlonal Coan dances muslc food eLc aparL from provldlng
Lhem wlLh flrsL hand knowledge of Lhe LradlLlonal arL forms and handlcrafLs lnLeresLed LourlsLs
were shown Lhe dance sLeps and qulLe a few of Lhem Lrled Lo learn Lhem ln Lhe shorL span of Llme
1he Market|ng M|x
1here were few efforLs Lo promoLe Lhe producL wlLh heavy adverLlsemenL and publlclLy 1he LargeL
segmenL was noL spread far and wlde and could be conLacLed on an lndlvldual basls ManagemenL
made efforLs by conLacLlng Lhe varlous flve sLar hoLels and releaslng a few adverLlsemenLs ln Lhe
local dallles Couple of ouLdoor hoardlngs on promlnenL roads lncreased Lhe vlslblllLy of Lhe
producL As forelgn LourlsLs consLlLuLed Lhe LargeL markeL emphasls was on flve sLar hoLels for
generaLlon of Lrafflc 1he prlce lncluslve of food was 8s 430/ per person

1eet|ng 1roub|es
AncesLral Coa sLarLed generaLlng LourlsL lnflow and goL paLronlzed by many forelgn LourlsLs
Powever Lhe lnlLlal momenLum could noL be susLalned over a long perlod and very soon Lhe
vlslLaLlon Lo AncesLral Coa sLarLed dlmlnlshlng 8y 199396 changes Look place ln Lhe vlslLor proflle
of CharLer 1ourlsLs 1he LourlsLs prlor Lo 199396 were flnanclally more well off and belonged Lo Lhe
mlddle / uppermlddle class of Lhe Luropean socleLy 1ourlsLs from 199396 on were from Lhe
lowermlddle class and had lower spendlng power 1he change ln proflle was due Lo some oLher
desLlnaLlon becomlng more soughL afLer LhaL provlded more value for money Lhan Coa

ManagemenL of AncesLral Coa reallzed LhaL Lhe LourlsLs had Lo spend approxlmaLely 8s600/ for
Lhe Laxl 8s430/ for admlsslon and a dlscreLlonary expendlLure of abouL 8s200/ for memenLos
LrlnkeLs eLc 1ourlsLs found Lhls as Loo sLeep a prlce Lo pay for Lhe experlence MrAlvares was
forced Lo Lake a hard look aL Lhe venLure and lLs vlablllLy

uest|ons for d|scuss|on

1 JhaL klnd of sLraLegy can help Alvares Lo lmprove hls buslness?
2 Assess Lhe markeLlng sLraLegles used ln Lhe case
3 JhaL prlclng sLraLegles and promoLlonal sLraLegles you suggesL