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Bennett Advisory.
It’s one thing to have routine business information — monthly sales figures, generic
market reports and occasional customer comments. Like looking through the wrong
end of a telescope, if you squint hard enough at this disparate data, you just might
divine some larger picture. It’s another thing to have precise and comprehensive
information. And know how to turn it into forward-thinking action. Understanding this is
the key to success. And that’s where Bennett Advisory comes in.
Results you can trust.

Bennett Advisory has an exclusive partnership with The Economic Times

Intelligence Group (ETIG), the research arm of The Economic Times, India’s largest
business paper. Bennett Advisory and ETIG brings a focused scientific rigor to the
business consulting for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with respect to the
changing face of the Indian economy. This ensures you get the information you
need to make critical business decisions based on the evolving role of the SME’s
— with confidence. Our carefully framed solutions can help you lay the future open.
We use the best in-class business practices to give you customized solutions. We
use only the most reliable methods and analytical techniques. From Business
Strategy to HR Strategy, we offer tailored, consulting services.

Moreover, our experience with a wide variety of Small and Medium firms gives us a
rare, expansive view of business strategy and emerging business practices. We’re
routinely exposed to the newest of the new. So we know not only what’s being
done, but what’s possible. This powerful combination of market research and
industry expertise means we can move your business forward — faster.

We also take research farther than traditional consulting shops by offering

customized services in Brand Management, Human Capital and Business Process
Transformation services. Our integrated research and strategy activities
consistently yield exceptional results.

your capabilities...

...with our research and industry expertise.

Our focus on small and medium companies allows us to identify the essential,
underlying dynamics of your business situation right from the start. So from day
one, we can serve as a natural extension of your company, intensifying its
strengths and broadening its perspective.

Our direct industry experience is complemented by regular, thorough analyses

of major markets. We take a microscope to all of the hottest business issues in
industry and company briefs as well as more extensive white papers. These
reports, informed by original interviews with academics, industry analysts and
market leaders, provide the kind of targeted insights that cut through the data

We take pride in the exceptional talents of our consulting staff. When partnering
with Bennett Advisory, you’ll be assigned a single point-of-contact who is
knowledgeable about your business. This senior consultant will be having
domain expertise in the concerned problem. He won’t just sell you on an idea
and turn the real work over to a junior analyst. He’ll be right at your side.
Observing your business. Understanding your objectives. Listening to your
customers. And providing the best fusion of services to help you drive bottom
line results.

The Economic Times Intelligence Group

your approach...

...with our targeted customer insights.

With our unique combination of research and industry expertise, Bennett

Advisory and ETIG can help you turn better customer knowledge into better
business results. Our research services assure you a detailed, up-to-the-minute
view of your customers. So you can anticipate their most critical needs and give
them what they want the first time around. With Bennett Advisory and ETIG,
you’re always one step ahead. We genuinely listen to customers, not just
compile a lot of dull statistics. Our research is designed to yield rich, evocative
results—the kind of results you need to ensure your brand becomes a part of
your customers’ everyday lives.

We have extensive experience conducting studies among a vast array of

customers: decision-makers, IT and FMCG managers and consumers of retail
and home electronics. Whoever your customers are, we’ll go beyond the
surface details to find out what they’re really thinking—about your products or
services, your competition and your brand. Then help you turn the resultant
customer knowledge into a compelling brand experience.

Understanding the total

In any business, but especially in the ever-changing SME sector, context is
everything. That’s why Bennett Advisory provides research - informed
consulting services that take the long view — so you’ll have a complete
understanding of your situation — and know what to do about it.

Our approach takes into account a holistic understanding of the market and
the inter-related nature of many issues that effect your business. We do not
believe in giving functional solutions of a problem. Instead we address the
issues affecting SME’s as a business problem affecting the whole
organization. Whose positive solution will drastically change the face of the
organization. We call this the Enterprise Solution Approach.

At the center of brand strategy is your company’s promise to its customers.

This promise is reflected in your business decisions regarding product design,
pricing, service quality, employee retention, leadership development — a host
of things beyond traditional management domain. Our portfolio of
complementary, research based services covers this ground and more in
order to meet your need for consistent expert guidance throughout the entire
organization - building process.

Complete portfolio of services.

Simplify your
vendor management.
Why work with a smattering of different companies when there’s one that
does it all?

Bennett Advisory provides a complete portfolio of complementary services.

Emerging companies and their bigger peers alike have turned to us for answers.
To formulate new business and marketing strategies. To uncover new markets and
customers. To develop new business models that better ensure profitability. To
design Brand Management, Human Capital and Business Process Transformation.
And, of course, to improve the bottom line.

Ready to future-proof your business?

Work with us.

Our services.
Marketing & Brand Business Strategy Scenario Planning Business Model Analysis
Alliance Development Competitive Analysis Marketing Strategy

Branding & Positioning Product Development Web Site Evaluation

Company & product naming Needs assessment Usability testing
Messaging development Idea generation Intercept evaluation
Brand equity assessment Concept development
Demand forecasting & pricing Customer Satisfaction
Market Segmentation Product trial evaluation & Loyalty
Transactional research
Customer value

Human Capital People Strategy, Structure Performance & Rewards Leadership & Change
& Processes Board Performance Measures Leadership Alignment &
HR Strategy & Executive Pay Linkage Development
Organization Design ESOP’s M&A Integration
& Structuring Performance Management People & Process Integration
Organization Restructuring & Performance Measurement Employee Communication
Job Design, Job Grading Rewards & Retention
& Job Evaluation Compensation Structuring
Manpower Planning
HR Systems & Processes

Business Process Materials, Production Logistics & Supply Chain Project Management
Transformation Planning & Production Management
MS, MRP, Capacity Planning In-bound & Out-bound Quality Assurance
& Production Scheduling logistics
Planning Strategies and Lean Supply Chain Customer Relationship
Production order confirmation Management
Pull based planning Merchandising Management
Inventory Management Enterprise Resource
Flexible Manufacturing Systems Planning (ERP)
Visual Shop-floor
Team Profiles.
Jyotirmoy Bose, President
Prior to founding Bennett Advisory, Jyoti was the Organization Effectiveness Practice Leader for Andersen in Europe,
Middle East, India & Africa (EMEIA). During this period the practice grew from US $ 1 Million to US $ 4 Million with clients
across 41 countries. Jyoti has over 20 years of diverse exposure across Manufacturing, Financial Services, Information
Technology, Consulting & Media industries. He has also worked with Ernst & Young, Stratify Inc, ANZ Grindlays Bank and
Asian Paints. Jyoti is a MBA from IIM Calcutta and also holds a B Tech from IIT Delhi.

Vijay Sampath, Vice President, Business Development

Vijay has built, managed and advised business portfolios across the world .He has extensive entrepreneurial experience
In start-up situations, and has conducted business across B2C and B2B segments. His experience spans Consumer
Products, Information Technology, Media and Strategy at Blow Plast Ltd, Essel Group and the Times Group. Vijay is a
PGDM from XLRI Jamshedpur and also holds a B.Sc from Madras University.

V S Sundaram , Vice President, Business Process Management

A probing & provocative process professional with prior experience on consulting, operations & general management.
Sundaram has close interaction and involvement with TECS, the Think Tank group for Tatas, comprising Economists with
World Bank experience & many IIT /IIM professionals.He has strong core competence in Production, Materials
Management, Supply Chain, Logistics, Buying, Projects, Commercial, Corporate, Process and General Management. He
has done MBA from IIM Calcutta and B Tech from IIT Madras.

Neel Chatterjee, Consultant

Neel has over 29 years of diverse exposure across Advertising, Marketing, Communications & Corporate brand building.
He has very strong relationship building skills and extensive practical knowledge of diverse markets across India and
South Asia. His experience includes Head – Corporate Affairs, South East & South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank ,
Director- Communications, Seagram Asia Pacific. He has also worked in Pepsi Cola International as Country Manager -
Sri Lanka, GM (Marketing) - India, GM (Corporate Affairs) - India. Prior to that he spent 12 years in advertising, primarily
JWT with increasing degrees of responsibility.

Ramesh Jude Thomas, President & Chief Knowledge Officer, Equitor Management Consulting
Ramesh virtually introduced Brand Valuation as a strategic business tool to Indian Industry. Amongst his key professional
contributions is having led the first known Strategic Brand Valuation in India which was for Titan Industries, followed by
the valuation of the TATA brand. He is often called upon to speak to Company Managements on the subject of managing
their brands as financial assets. These include The Times of India Group, Raymonds, AIG ,ITC, RCI, TITAN Industries,
Time-LIFE, GETIT, Spice Communications and Interbrand amongst others.

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