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p. 24 Students Book

O %e Australian continent is in te soutern emispere.
O %e driest part in Australian are in te interior (outback).
O oI te population lives in te cities on te coast.
O uring summer mont te temperatures can reac 5S.
O n winter te temperatures are mild, and rarely can snow in te mountain.
O %e most popular spectator sport is Australian rules Iootball.
O %e Australian beaces are sandy and wite. %e most popular beac is Bondi
O ristmas in Australian is in summer. Many people celebrate ristmas in te
beac 26t ecember is a sport day.
O %e people in te outback live undreds kilometers Irom te nearest town.
O %e people works in a big Iarm.
O %e cildren don`t go to scool, tey get teir lessons troug te and via

ulture Book p.3 NS2

Aborigenes story

O Aborigines ave been in Australia Ior 6. years.
O %ey came Irom Asia.
O %ey were nomads and tey lived in little tribes (15 people).
O %ey lived in uts or caves.
O %ey ate insects, Iis, money and plants.
O %ey used boomerangs to kill kangaroos.
O %e aborigines spoke 5 diIIerent languages.
O %e European settlers arrived in te 18t century.
O %ey killed many aborigine tribes and took teir land.
O %e aborigine Ilag is black, red, wit a yellow circle.
O %e black symbolizes te aborigines.
O %e red symbolizes te red eart oI Australia.
O %e yellow circle symbolizes te sun.