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How to write Synopsis for a Thesis Project This article would be of great interest to the Final year Architecture

students. Writing a Synopsis determines your level of understanding of the chosen topic as your Thesis Project. In this article, we will list out and discuss different steps in which one should proceed with writing a Synopsis.

Thesis Project 1. Introduction 2. Motivation 3. Objectives and Scope and Limitations 4. Description of the research work 5. Conclusions/Summary of the work 6. List of Case studies

7. List of references/literature case studies for thesis research work 8. Identification of the project site Introduction Briefly explain the Architectural/technological/social relevance or significance of the research work of your thesis topic. Be precise and include only relevant background material in the introduction. Provide information on past works by way of giving appropriate references. It should not exceed two pages. Motivation Develop further on the background material provided in the introduction and bring the subject of thesis in the chosen area of research in to focus. Emphasize, based on the content status, the importance of the research problem identified. Should broadly indicate the existing drawbacks and why further research is required to eliminate the drawbacks and find new architectural solutions. Identification of these should be brief and can be out of the scope of the Thesis subject but has to be relevant. You can enumerate those technical challenges one has to address to solve the problems/drawbacks posed herein to place emphasis on the quality of the research work. This should not exceed two pages. Objectives and Scope and Limitations

State precisely the questions for which the answers are sought through this thesis work. Define the conceptual, analytical, experimental and/or methodological boundaries within which the exercise will be carried out. Admit with clarity the limitation of such a research and difficulties involved. It should not exceed two pages. Description of the research work Keeping in mind the limitations and difficulties, identify the precise architecturally relevant area and extent of research that is attempted by you. Detailed explanations of the drawbacks/problems identified for which you are seeking possible architectural solutions. Explain in detail how the case studies will help in resolving the drawbacks/problems identified. Clear the role of studies/observations/experiments/questionnaires. literature

Define with clarity the detailed methodology to be adopted that will lead you towards the Architectural solutions. Explain in detail how you are specifically equipped to deal with the research and find Architectural solutions. It should not exceed 10-12 pages. Conclusions/Summary of the work

Highlight major conclusions you are working towards. Clearly bring out not only the generally useful advantages arising out of the work but also the architectural advancement you are seeking through this Thesis work. If there are no conclusions at the moment, then enumerate the possible contributions of the work. Maximum two pages. List of Case studies List the probable Case Studies and the relevant areas of study possible in them. Indicate clearly why you have chosen the particular case for study. Make a mention of the ease/difficulty of approach and obtaining information from the case studies. Also give the time frame required for each case study. It should not exceed one page. List of references/literature studies for thesis research work List the publications/books you have already identified for your literature study. List only published or accepted books/papers. Never claim contents of the publications/books as your own. Always give credit where it is due. Maximum one page. Identification of Project site The student has to identify a possible and suitable site for the proposal where the conclusions and solutions can be carried out. The project site may or may not be a live project but should definitely be suitable for the chosen project.

Maximum one page.