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Serena Hotels is the international chain, which has achieved excellent international standards of quality products and services. In recognition of its high standard, the Serena Hotel was conferred the prestigious membership of the "Leading Hotels of the World". Serena Hotel is one of the world famous five star hotels all over the world. It provides very ostentatious services to all its clients. Like many other department human resource department has gained much importance in todays time. Without proper HR Dept no organization can achieve its objectives efficiently and successfully.

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HISTORY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------07 BUSINESS PORTFOLIO------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------08 INTRODUCTION-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------09 SERENA IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------09 ORGANOGRAM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 GENERAL POLICIES----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 RECRUITMENT PROCESS WITH REFERENCE TO BOOK RECRUITMENT & SELECTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 RECRUITMENT STRATEGY---------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 OPENING & FRAMING JOB RESPONSIBILITIES-----------------------------------------------------15 SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------16 PATTERN OF ADVERTISEMENT--------------------------------------------------------------------------17 SCRUITINIZING, SELECTION & SOCIALIZATION----------------------------------------------------19 SCREENING & SHORTLISTING---- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 JOB INTERVIEWS & TYPES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 SELECTION CRITERIA----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 RECRUITMENT PROCESS OF SERENA HOTEL ESTABLISHING REQUIREMENTS----------------------------------------------------------- -------24 CREATING POSTS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24 FRAMING JOB RESPONSIBILITIES------------------------------------------------------------------25 ANNOUNCEMENT OF VACANCY---------------------------------------------------------------------26 ADVERTISEMENT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 SCRUITINIZATION & COMPILATION OF APPLICATIONS------------------------------------29 REVIEW & SHORTLISTING-----------------------------------------------------------------------------29 ISSUEANCE OF CALL LETTER FOR INTERVIEWS --------------------------------------------31 INTRVIEWING PANEL------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31 INTERVIEW PROCEDURE---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------31

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EVALUATION & SELECTION CRITERIA ------------------------------------------------------------32 ASSIGNING JOB RESPONSIBILITIES ---------------------------------------------------------------33 ANALYSIS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------34 CONCLUSION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------35 REFRENCES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36

HISTORY: Founded and guided by His Highness the Aga Khan, the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) brings together a number of development agencies, institutions, and programs that work primarily in the poorest parts of Asia and Africa. AKDN agencies conduct their programs without regard to the faith, origin or gender.

About the Aga Khan Development Network

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development. It is dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender. Organizational Information The AKDN works in over 25 countries around the world. It employs approximately 60,000 people, the majority of whom are based in developing countries. The AKDNs annual budget for non-profit development activities in 2008 was approximately US$ 450 million. The project companies of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development generate annual revenues of US$ 1.5 billion (all surpluses are reinvested in further development activities).

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Organizational Chart:

Business Portfolio: Agha Khan Development network includes 5the following businesses: Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM) Aga Khan Education Services (AKES) Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) Aga Khan Planning and Building Services (AKPBS)

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Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) Aga Khan University (AKU) Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) The University of Central Asia (UCA) Habib Bank Ltd.

There are a number of social activities being performed by His Highness the Aga Khan and the required fundings are supported by various institutes and one of the earning arms is the chain of Serena Hotels scattered all over the world.

Serena Hotels are affiliated by the Tourism Promotion Services (TPS). The Serena selection of luxury resorts, safari lodges and hotels spans some of the most evocative, exotic and enchanting destinations in the world. The Serena Group comprises a collection of 32 luxury resorts, safari lodges and hotels, which are located in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique) and Southern Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan). The Serena service profile guarantees unprecedented luxury, extensive amenities and unrivalled warmth of personal attention.

Serena in Different countries all over the world

Afghanistan Kenya National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 7

Mozambique Rwanda Tajikistan Tanzania Uganda Pakistan

In Pakistan we have Serena in the following cities: Faisalabad Gilgit Hunza Islamabad Quetta Sawat Shigar fort near Skardu

The Islamabad Serena Hotel

Standing at the foot of the Northern Hills with magnificent views of the Margalla Hills and Rawal Lake, this exceptional hotel is surrounded by six acres of landscaped gardens, yet is located at the very centre of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. A fusion of Moorish and Mughal architecture, it offers a broad selection of rooms and suites presented in the traditional Punjab and Swat style.

The hotel, which is built on seven levels, features a range of terraces and pavilions, all of which enjoy long views over the northern valleys. On the ground floor, the conference and banqueting arena feature their own private entrances and have been designed to accommodate five thousand guests. The world-class business centre offers a range of services including nine interactive meeting spaces. The hotel features the Maisha Mind Body and Spirit Spa, which is the first facility of its kind to be built in Pakistan. As well as showcasing a roof-top temperaturecontrolled swimming pool, this uniquely luxurious health facility offers a state-ofthe-art gymnasium, sauna, steam, plunge pools and a series of treatment rooms offering a wide range of holistic well-being services.

Getting there
The hotel is situated in central Islamabad, 18 kilometers from Islamabad International Airport. Map: National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 8


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General Policies Followed by Serena Hotel.

Promoting good governance
The Serena Group recognizes the need to conduct its business in accordance with generally accepted best corporate practices and in line with the global principles of corporate governance and business ethics.

Working with the local community

Serena hotels are located in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. These areas are shared with an extraordinarily diverse range of local cultures and ethnic groups, all of which cherish their own particular cultural traditions and heritage. The Serena Group is committed both to protecting and sustaining the lifestyle of such groups and showcasing and promoting their individual cultural heritage. Such promotion includes the inclusion of local designs, fabrics, handicrafts, sculptures and artworks within the design concept of the hotel or lodge, promoting local handicrafts in the hotel gift shops, and in showcasing local cultural traditions by means of dance, song, musical and theatrical displays for the hotel guests. The group also offers educational talks and cultural insights to visitors from overseas and encourages them to make culturally interactive visits to the local towns and villages. Visits are also arranged to local schools during which children of different cultures may exchange ideas.

Supporting the local economy

Wherever possible, the Group purchases its raw materials from the local community. This may take the form of fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and a wide range of other food stuffs. The Group also works with local suppliers and out-growing schemes so as to enable local growers to meet the exacting quality standards required by the group, as well as to practice economies of scale in supply. In some areas, recycling projects have been founded, which allow the Group to recycle waste foodstuffs into animal fodder. The Group also uses local suppliers of those goods that cannot be produced locally as well as ensuring that a minimum of packing materials/biodegradable materials are used in their supply.

Supporting the local society

The Group is committed to the concept of the creation of optimum economic opportunities for the local communities in which it operates. These can take many forms, such as; employment, supply of raw materials, supply of handicrafts or supply of local dance troupes. The Group also offers health care in the form of

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free medical consultations and subsidized medication through its on-site clinics. As an extension to this concept, the Group also operates a Wellness Program, which offers community education on the basics of healthy living and the dangers inherent in such health hazards as Malaria and HIV/AIDS. As far as infrastructure is concerned, the Group is committed to providing clean drinking water for all those communities that surround their hotels and, in many cases, to providing good road connections to local markets and community centres. Youth support The Group is committed to supporting the youth of the local communities via the provision of career, leisure, educational and training opportunities. The Group also extends youth employment opportunities by hosting regular career talks and involving local school-leavers in job-experience schemes. Charitable donations in cash and in-kind Serena and its staff support a broad range of charitable causes and community initiatives. These take many forms; cash, supply of foodstuffs or clothing, hosting of community events or provision of employee-time in the form of visits to orphanages, hospitals, old-people's homes or mental institutions.

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Recruitment and Selection In Reference to Book

Process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. It is a strategy an organization adopts keeping in mind the long term objectives of the organization. Or Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm.

The selection procedure is the system of functions and devices adopted in a company to ascertain whether the candidates specifications are matched with the job specifications and requirements or not. Or Selection is a process of hiring the best from the options available.

Recruitment Strategy
The Recruitment Strategy is a complete mix of the recruitment processes, targets to hire and approach to hire the best talents. The Recruitment Strategy is a document to define the approaches and to get the best talents from the job market. The recruitment strategy has to be connected fully with other strategic HR documents to provide the rest of the organization with a clear picture about the HRM approach to the issue.

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The recruitment strategy can also define some special programs to get the best potential candidates to the company and to attract them to be employed with the organization.

Opening Job Position and Framing Job Responsibilities

Opening a new job position or defining a vacancy belongs to the most important success factors in the recruitment and staffing process. The only good defined job vacancy can guarantee the successful search for the candidate.

Job Analysis
A job analysis is the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. You need as much data as possible to put together a job description, which is the frequent outcome of the job analysis. Additional outcomes include recruiting plans, position postings and advertisements, and performance development planning within your performance management system.

Opening Job Position & Framing Responsibilities Process

The process for the opening job position is not hard, but it has to be followed pretty strictly. The ideal process definition is the following: 1. The line manager indicates to the HR Front Office the need for the new employee. 2. The HR Front Office and the line manager have a discussion to define the basic requirements from the HRM Function to open the position. 3. The HR Front Office makes a check for the possibility to have a new employee. In case of not having an empty box in the organizational structure, the line manager has to get an approval to add the additional position. 4. The HR Front Office and the line manager have a discussion about the job content of the position. 5. The HR Front Office prepares the ideal candidate profile regarding skills and competencies. Also, the HR Front Office defines the ideal level of the salary, which will be aimed during the selection procedure. 6. The HR Front Office and the manager make a final decision. 7. The HR Front Office and HR Recruiter decide about the best selection approach for the vacancy. 8. The HR Recruiter starts to search for the position.

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The HRM Function has to decide about the selection approach, the right competencies set and the ideal salary for the candidate. The HRM Function has the knowledge of the whole organization and it is a full HR role and responsibility to choose the candidate, who fits inside the organization.

Sources of Recruitment
Internal Recruitment
The Internal Recruitment is the most favorite source of candidates in the stable and developed companies. The Internal Recruitment needs a strong support from other HR Processes, because the unmanaged internal recruitment process can lead to disappointed managers and employees in the organization. The Succession Planning and strong and consistent Performance Management are needed to ensure the success of the internal recruitment. The internal recruitment can offer the chance to change the job position to anyone in the organization. The internal job candidate should be known to the organization and the HRM Function should provide the hiring manager with the information about the background information. The internal recruitment process has to be driven by strict and agreed HR Rules and HR Policies as the unclear rules for the process can bring a lot of tension inside the organization as the best employees can be easily stolen among different units and different managers. This issue looks pretty simple to solve, but the reality can bring difficult issues and conflicts among the management team and can affect the performance of the organization hardly.

External Recruitment
The External Recruitment brings new people to the organization, which can be a huge benefit for the organization. The External Recruitment allows the organization to define the right requirements and the organization can select the candidate, which suits the organization best. The external recruitment can be in many situations quicker solutions, mainly in the situation, when the job market is full of potential job candidates. The external recruitment and proper campaign increase the popularity of the organization on the job market, which helps to improve the position for further expansion.

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On the other hand, the external recruitment is expensive and takes a lot of energy from the HRM Function to handle all the job candidates in the selection process. Sources for the External Recruitment

Newspapers Agencies Headhunting Internet Recommendation

Referral Recruitment
A very special kind of the recruitment source is the referral recruitment, when the employees are paid to provide the organization with their friends as potential employees. This can look strange, but it can provide the organization with many interesting candidates, who are not reachable via any other recruitment source.

Pattern of Advertisement
The attractive internal or external job poster
Many organization do promote their vacancies internally or they just simply put a flyer to the windows of the company to promote their vacancies to the public audience. Generally, this approach is fully correct, but the flyers are usually very BORING. The boring job advertisement can kill an even very good position. The people are not interested to read long articles and to know all the exciting details about the job position. The HR Marketing can help a lot to point out several important things and to make the advert look interesting enough to gain the attraction.Not using the attractive job posting and job posters is a huge mistake in the overall recruitment strategy.

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


Scrutinizing and Selection

The HR Recruiter has to find an approach to sort the job resumes quickly starting the job interviewing process as soon as possible. The HR Recruiter has to develop the simple, efficient and consistent way of sorting job resumes. The consistency is very important to make sure the results of sorting evaluate everyone correctly. The HR Recruiter has to keep in mind the corporate values and corporate culture to set the correct thresholds to the decision process. The sorting of job resumes has to be quick as well as the HR Recruiter cannot spend long time on it. The HR Recruiter has to split the selection of job resumes to several steps: 1. The HR Recruiter has to focus on the job resume cover letters and the grammar used. When there is a mistake, the resume should be refused as the job candidate should make sure the job resume contains no errors. Lack of attention to the details. Using this approach many job resumes will be refused. 2. The HR Recruiter should focus on the cover letter and job resume and their links and logics. When the HR Recruiter sees a mismatch in the cover letter and the job resume, the job resume can be refused as well. 3. The HR Recruiter has to develop a quick questionnaire for the phone job interview. This phone job interview has to be standardized with no more than 10 questions to make it quick and efficient. Every single note has to be taken and the candidates have to be evaluated after a battery of 5 phone job interviews. 1 job resume can be selected; the rest has to be refused.

Screening and Short listing

Companies use screening tools to ensure that candidates meet minimum qualification requirements. Computer programs are among the tools used to weed out unqualified candidates. Sometimes human professionals are the gatekeepers. Screening often have honed skills to determine whether there is anything that might disqualify you for the position. Remember-they do not need to know whether you are the best fit for the position, only whether you are not a match. For this reason, screeners tend to dig for dirt. Screeners will hone in on gaps in your employment history or pieces of information that look inconsistent. They also will want to know from the outset whether you will be too expensive for the company

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Job Interview
The job interview is not just about the selection of the best candidate for the vacancy in the organization. The role of the HRM Function during job interviews is to keep the alignment of the candidates with the corporate culture and overall recruitment strategy of the organization. The HR Recruiter has to know all the details about the corporate culture and the HR Recruiter is the person to test the fit between the candidate and the conditions inside the organization. The HR Recruiter has to be skilled and trained to recognize the values and drivers of the candidate to have a quick opinion about the fit of the candidate and the corporate culture.

Types of Interviews
All job interviews have the same objective, but employers reach that objective in a variety of ways. You might enter the room expecting to tell stories about your professional successes and instead find yourself selling the interviewer a bridge or editing code at a computer. One strategy for performing your best during an interview is to know the rules of the particular game you are playing when you walk through the door. The Informational Interview A meeting that you initiate, the informational interview is underutilized by jobseekers who might otherwise consider themselves savvy to the merits of networking. Job seekers ostensibly secure informational meetings in order to seek the advice of someone in their current or desired field as well as to gain further references to people who can lend insight. Employers that like to stay apprised of available talent even when they do not have current job openings, are often open to informational interviews, especially if they like to share their knowledge, feel flattered by your interest, or esteem the mutual friend that connected you to them. During an informational interview, the jobseeker and employer exchange information and get to know one another better without reference to a specific job opening. The Directive Style In this style of interview, the interviewer has a clear agenda that he or she follows unflinchingly. Sometimes companies use this rigid format to ensure parity between interviews; when interviewers ask each candidate the same series of questions, they can more readily compare the results. Directive interviewers rely upon their own questions and methods to tease from you what they wish to know. You might feel like you are being steam-rolled, or you might find the conversation develops naturally. Their style does not necessarily mean that they National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 19

have dominance issues, although you should keep an eye open for these if the interviewer would be your supervisor. The Stress Interview Astounding as this is, the Greek hazing system has made its way into professional interviews. Either employers view the stress interview as a legitimate way of determining candidates' aptness for a position or someone has latent maniacal tendencies. You might be held in the waiting room for an hour before the interviewer greets you. You might face long silences or cold stares. The interviewer might openly challenge your believes or judgment. You might be called upon to perform an impossible task on the fly-like convincing the interviewer to exchange shoes with you. Insults and miscommunication are common. All this is designed to see whether you have the mettle to withstand the company culture, the clients or other potential stress. The Behavioral Interview Many companies increasingly rely on behavior interviews since they use your previous behavior to indicate your future performance. In these interviews, employers use standardized methods to mine information relevant to your competency in a particular area or position. Depending upon the responsibilities of the job and the working environment, you might be asked to describe a time that required problem-solving skills, adaptability, leadership, conflict resolution, multi-tasking, initiative or stress management. You will be asked how you dealt with the situations. The Abillity Test For some positions, such as computer programmers or trainers, companies want to see you in action before they make their decision. For this reason, they might take you through a simulation or brief exercise in order to evaluate your skills.. the ability test can be enormously useful to you as well, since it allows you to demonstrate your abilities in interactive ways that are likely familiar to you. The simulations and exercises should also give you a simplified sense of what the job would be like. If you sense that other candidates have an edge on you in terms of experience or other qualifications, requesting an audition can help level the playing field.

The Personality Test

A personality test aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remain stable throughout that person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. An early model of personality was posited by Greek philosopher/physician Hippocrates. The 20th century heralded a new interest in defining and identifying separate personality types, in close correlation with the emergence of the field of psychology. As such, several distinct tests National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 20

emerged; some attempt to identify specific characteristics, while others attempt to identify personality as a whole.

A test, usually involving a standardized series of questions or tasks, used to describe or evaluate a subject's personality characteristics. Reference Check A test, usually involving a standardized series of questions or tasks, used to describe or evaluate a subject's personality characteristics. The Group Interview Interviewing simultaneously with other candidates can be disconcerting, but it provides the company with a sense of your leadership potential and style. The group interview helps the company get a glimpse of how you interact with peersare you timid or bossy, are you attentive or do you seek attention, do others turn to you instinctively, or do you compete for authority? The interviewer also wants to view what your tools of persuasion are: do you use argumentation and careful reasoning to gain support or do you divide and conquer? The interviewer might call on you to discuss an issue with the other candidates, solve a problem collectively, or discuss your peculiar qualifications in front of the other candidates. The Follow-up Interview Companies bring candidates back for second and sometimes third or fourth interviews for a number of reasons. Sometimes they just want to confirm that you are the amazing worker they first thought you to be. Sometimes they are having difficulty deciding between a short-list of candidates. Other times, the interviewer's supervisor or other decision makers in the company want to gain a sense of you before signing a hiring decision. The second interview could go in a variety of directions, and you must prepare for each of them. When meeting with the same person again, you do not need to be as assertive in your communication of your skills. You can focus on cementing rapport, understanding where the company is going and how your skills mesh with the company vision and culture. Still, the interviewer should view you as the answer to their needs. You might find yourself negotiating a compensation package. Alternatively, you might find that you are starting from the beginning with a new person.

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Selection Criteria
Selection criteria are essential to the selection process. They supply the means by which a selection committee can assess the relative merit of applicants and ensure that the assessment in shortlisting, interviewing and the reference checking stages is made on the same bases for all applicants.

In order to reduce the anxiety that new employees may experience, attempts should be made to integrate the person into the informal organization. The initial T&D effort designed for employees is Socialization, the guided adjustment of new employees to the company, the job, and the work group.

Purposes of Socialization: Socialization formats are unique to each firm.

However, some basic purposes include emphasizing these areas: the employment situation (job, department, and company), company policies and rules, compensation and benefits, corporate culture, team membership, employee development, dealing with change, and socialization.

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Recruitment and Selection of Serena Hotel

Establishing Requirements:
Policy Making:
The policy making of Serena hotel is done at the corporate level in accordance to the local laws of that region.

Hiring Criteria:
They select inexperienced people (raw hand) at certain levels. They have a policy that they train and hire their own employees instead of taking employees from the competitors. The probation period given to their employees is usually of six months.

Policies on Employees:
Their policy on number of employees is to have round about 700+ employees. They strictly follow the policy of no gender discrimination and each employee gets an equal opportunity of gaining experience from their organization.

Policy Reviewing:
They make sure their policies are reviewed and complied with on regular basis. Example: In 2001 they had a policy on providing transport allowance worth Rs.1800/- to their employees. But with the passage of time they felt the necessity to increase the transport allowance.

Creating Posts (Job Analysis):

Business Plan:
The job analysis is done in accordance to the business plan followed by Serena hotel. They keep in mind the expansion or the contraction of the previous years of the hotel before announcing the jobs.

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Vacancy Chart:
Another thing kept in mind for the job analysis is their vacancy chart which defines the current posts, the proposed posts and the needed posts. They also use the technique of multitasking jobs to increase the efficiency of the employees.

Framing Job Responsibilities (Job Specification):

It basically includes the job specification of a particular poist. Some of the essential contents are:

Nature of Contracts:
Serena hotel has a philosophy known as THE SERENA FAMILY. This means there is no hiring on contract basis. They only offer permanent jobs and they NEVER FIRE THEIR EMPLOYEES. Example: Swats Serena Hotel has been closed for the last three years due to the security reasons yet they have not fired a single employee.

Salary Package:

They are offering 4-5 levels of salary packages for their employees along with some fringe benefits.

Rewards And Compensations:

Funding of Education of Employees Health Benefits Transport Allowance / Facility Food Uniforms Dry cleaning Group Life Insurance Funeral Allowance Employee of the month wall

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


Terms And Conditions:

Their terms and conditions for a job specification are determined by the Line Managers and are then approved by the HR Department before the announcement of the particular job.

Announcement Of Vacancy:
Nature of Hiring:
Serena hotel follows dual nature of hiring. i.e. Internal and External hiring. They also have local and international hiring.

Internal hiring:

Recruitment carried out within the existing workforce. Internal recruitment gives employees opportunities for promotion and to develop new skills.Internal hiring is employee friendly, boosts the morale of the employees and also saves the costs of the company.

o Medium: Notice board. o Techniques: Multitasking and training of employees. External Hiring:

The External Recruitment brings new people to the organization, which can be a huge benefit for the organization. The External Recruitment allows the organization to define the right requirements and the organization can select the candidate, which suits the organization best. The external recruitment can be in many situations quicker solutions, mainly in the situation, when the job market is full of potential job candidates o Types of External Hiring: International Hiring Local Hiring o Medium: Internet and news papers

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Pattern of Advertisement:
The pattern used by Serena hotel to advertise their jobs include: Announcement of job on internet Contracts with the job sites. Job adds in newspaper along with Job Specification forms. Some of their adds are given below: Add on Internet:

Chief Stewarding - Dushanbe Serena Serena Hotels- Pakistan and Central Asia
The nature of work includes but not limited to:


Organize and co-ordinate F&B Support Team to ensures the availability of equipment, safety, cleanliness and hygiene of areas and equipment as per international standards. Ensures prompt, courteous and accurate service to all internal customers, in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction. Proposes and ensures the achievement of organizational standards in hygiene, cleanliness and safety for all F&B areas and equipment. Responsible for the organization of work within the stewarding department, including assignments & time schedules. Responsible for the preparation of Capital and Operational Budgets of the department in consultation with concerned department heads. Responsible for coordinating with Engineering for PMP and repair of all stewarding equipment. Ensures the necessary availability of all quality kitchen and service equipment by effective planning, maintenance, receiving, storing and issuing. Recommends changes in systems and procedures, to increase the efficiency and performance of the F&B operation. Develops and recommends new styles/designs of equipment, in order to improve on prevalent international standards. Proposes and ensures the effective utilization and availability of resources (men, material, cleaning supplies, energy, etc.) in the department. National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 26

Ensures practice of hygiene and safety precautions as well as compliance with hotel and company policies by the kitchen staff through training. Ensures career development and succession planning for subordinates through training.

Graduate / Diploma in hotel management 5 years hands-on experience in a stewarding department in a 3 to 5 star hotel Exposure to kitchen and F&B Service. Communicates all relevant information through daily briefings to all subordinates. Maintains friendly and professional relationship with all the employees. Always to have an open and positive attitude. Co-ordinates with Purchase department to ensure timely delivery of equipment. Negotiable remuneration package commensurate with qualification and experience will be offered.


Company Profile
Serena Hotels, is a leading brand name in luxury hotels, are located in some of the world's most exciting and exotic destinations and each Serena experience is tailored to be

a unique and unforgettable experience. Our commitment to service and quality is legendary and unmatched. We ensure to use only the finest products. It is natural, therefore, to look for the finest in Human Resource too. Tourism Promotion Services (Pakistan) Limited, owners and managers of Serena Hotels in Pakistan and Central Asia are looking for the bright and energetic individuals to accept the challenging opportunities.

Job Details

Job Location: Tajikistan Company Industry: Hospitality/Tourism Job Role: Customer Service Joining Date: Unspecified Employment Status: Full time Employment Type: Employee Monthly Salary Range: Unspecified Manages Others: Yes National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 27

Number of Vacancies: 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career Years of Experience: 5 - 7 years Residence Location: Unspecified Gender: Unspecified Nationality: Unspecified Degree: Bachelor's degree/higher diploma

Add In Newspaper:

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


Scrutinizing and Compilation of Applications:

The process which is followed by the hotel for the sorting and compilation of the applications of eligible candidates is as follows: Collection of CVs and applications. Comparison with the requisite skill requirements.

The methods used for this process are of dual nature i.e. automated and manual. Automated: Automated process of sorting applications is generally used for the senior posts like post of manager, director, regional manager etc by using different softwares. National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 29

Manual: They also use manual process for the sorting of the applications. It is mostly used for the lower posts like waiter, bell boy, security guards etc.

Review and Shortlisting:

After the process of sorting applications and CVs they undergo another process before the interview call. The steps included in this process are:

After comparing with the requirements the applications and CVs are reviewed by using the skill matrix. Skill Matrix: Skill matrix is that scale on which each job is graded according to the job requirements.

On the basis of skill matrix the best of the applications and CVs are then selected for the interview.

Issuance of Call Letter for Interviews:

After shortlisting the applications and CVs those candidates are then called for the interview.

Methods of contacts:
The methods used for contacting the applicants are: For Senior Staff: o E-mail o Telephones

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


For Junior Staff: o Phone calls o Letters

Interviewing Panel:
For the interview of the candidates usually the line managers and related department heads are on the panel.

Procedure of Interview:

Testing of Eligibility:
The interview panel tests the skills and abilities mentioned on the CVs.

The trials are then taken by the Department Heads before the selection. These trials are of specific time period depending on the nature of the job. Example: o Trial for chef is for 3 days. o Trial for waiter is for 1 day

Selection by the General Manager:

o After the testing and trials the department head, if satisfied, sends the candidate to the General Manager o Then the General Manager interviews and cross checks the candidates potential and if satisfied then hired.

Types of Interviews:
National University of Modern Languages and Sciences 31

The types of interview conducted by the hotel are: Structured Non Structured Behavioral : for senior staff Non behavioral : for junior staff They are also planning to introduce psychometrics test before recruiting a person. For this test they have decided to have an internal panel consisting of their own psychiatrist. It will be applicable by 3 to 4 months. Honesty test: they practically observe their employees and then they are rewarded for their honesty. Ability test: the employer fills the assessment form and their feedbacks are then recorded in their files which are the basis for the promotion of the employees.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria format required by the hotel is: Minimum education Experience Attitude : it is the most basic and essential part of the selection criteria. They believe that the right attitude of an employee should be positive and learning.

Assigning Job Responsibilities:

After carrying out the whole process of selection the appointment letters are dispatched to the selected candidates. Then they are provided with the job description. Before joining the hotel the candidate is given a detailed orientation by the department head. Then the job description is discussed in detail with the department head.

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


After visiting and obtaining detailed information on hiring and recruitment process of Serena Hotel we observed that they are following the General Principles and the International Standards for them.

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


We also observed that the hotel is following and is planning to introduce some new policies to make their working environment innovative and more effective. For example: Introducing psychometrics tests in their interviews etc. In our view the hotels HR department is working in accordance to the international standards with full devotion and need no further improvements.

The importance of Human Resource Management in an organization cannot be denied. In case of a Hotel industry it gains more importance where a large

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences


number of diverse workforces have to be handled by the management. At Serena Hotel Islamabad the HR Dept is providing the Human Resource Services to fulfill the management requirements smoothly and efficiently. I have concluded that in Serena Hotel Islamabad HRM is running in a very organized and systematic manner. Through their dedication and commitment to their duties the HR Dept has made an endeavor to successfully implement the managements policies and procedures in the Hotel.

National University of Modern Languages and Sciences