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JANES CORP 9/17/07 11:48 AM Page 143

Jaynes Corp. offers its general
contracting services throughout
the Southwest.

A Service-Based Approach
Regardless of a project’s stage of construction, general contractor Jaynes Corp. says it offers a variety of
services to meet the needs of many markets – from residential to government.

F ull-service general contractor Jaynes Corp. pro-

vides services in preconstruction, general con-
struction, construction management and
The company says it is a nationally recognized
Its offices, the firm explains, specialize in projects for
a variety of industries.
The five commercial construction companies that
comprise the Jaynes organization are located in seven
offices throughout the Southwest. The group’s compa-
regional contractor with extensive experience in com- nies include Jaynes Corp., Jaynes Structures, Jaynes of
mercial, healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, ware- Colorado, Jaynes of California and Global Structures.
house and distribution, local, state and federal govern- Headquartered in Albuquerque, N.M., the company
ment buildings, multifamily, structural concrete and is licensed to perform work in Arizona, California,
pre-engineered building projects. Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.
“Jaynes’ growth and success is due to our customer- With a workforce of more than 350 employees, the
oriented, service-based, proactive way of doing busi- company says, Jaynes has the manpower and resources
ness,” the company says. to build anywhere in the Southwest.
“We don’t just build buildings. For the past half-cen- Jaynes Corp.
tury, we’ve provided solutions to our customers’ con- On Top of Things
struction problems.” The firm explains it can solve cus- HQ: Albuquerque, N.M.
Employees: 350
Jaynes Corp. was founded as a local concrete subcon- tomers’ problems because Jaynes’ man- Services: General contractor
tractor in 1946, and became a general contractor in agement teams are always informed of Jaynes: “The company has
1971. The company provides commercial construction job site developments. Jaynes explains built a reputation for quality
construction and timely comple-
services in the private and public sectors throughout its managers are online and linked from tion schedules assured by in-
New Mexico, west Texas and Arizona. the jobsite to the home office with house craftsmen.”