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NACHi NACHI ROBOT SC SERIES Contents: Contents 1 Robot Model 2 Basic Specifications Bt 2-1. Table of basic specifications ~ BA 2:2 Robot dimensions and working envelope Bs 2-3 Axes Identification ———= B7 2-4. Detalof tool mounting pate ~ Be 2-5 Detail of forearm risers ee Bo 2.6 Wiring and piping diagrams for application B40 246-1 Detail of application connector =~ BH 3. Precautions for rabot handing ee cA 3:1 Robot component identification ca 32. Manipulator handing ~~ ce 3-3 Installation ----- cs 3-3-1 Installation location and ambient conditions co 3-3-2 How to install - c-9 3-3-3 Installation dimension C-10 3-3-4 Installation surface accuracy cat 3-3-5 Noise value of robot ~ Ct 344 Maximum wristoad - cae 3-4-1 Moment of inertia is caleuated cag 42 Torque map WARNING! condition either dead or serious wound if the machine is mishandled or operated wrong, thus requires the maximum. attention to operation and handling. This shows a low risk of danger probably causing a medium level Z\ CAUTION of damage if the machine is mishandled or operated wrong, thus requires a thorough attention to operation and handling, O MANDATORY | This snows a mandatory matter to be conducted. O IMPORTANT | | This shows important points to notice. S DO NOT This shows things which should be in no way conducted.