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Assignment No. 2 Rectilinear Motion, Motion Curves: Electronics (B Div) Course Instructor: Prasad S.

Shirodkar Due Date: 2011 1. A vacuum-propelled capsule for a high-speed tube transportation system of the future is being designed for operation between two stations A and B, which are 10 km apart. If the acceleration and deceleration are to have a limiting magnitude of 0.6g and if the velocities are to be limited to 400 km/hr, determine the minimum time t for the capsule to make the 10km trip.

2. To a close approximation, the pressure behind a rifle bullet varies inversely with the position x of the bullet along the barrel. Thus, the acceleration of the bullet may be written as a=k/x where k is a constant. If the bullet starts from rest at x=7.5 mm and if the muzzle velocity of the bullet is 600 m/s at the end of the 750 mm at the end of the barrel, compute the acceleration of the bullet as it passes the midpoint of the barrel at x=375 mm. 3. A car travels along a straight road with the speed shown by the at graph. Also plot the x t and v t graphs. Find the distance travelled by the car by any two methods, such as (1) Area Under the Curve (2) Integration Method (3) Moment of Area Method Intermediate steps can be done by using combination of methods. The displacement should be verified by using at least two methods

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2 4. During a test a rocket travels upward at 75 m/s, and when it is 40 m from the ground its t (sec)

engine fails. Determine the maximum height, reached by the rocket and its speed just before it hits the ground. While in motion the rocket is subjected to a constant downward acceleration of 9.81 m/s2 due to gravity. Neglect the effect of air resistance.