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4x150w HI-CR

Versatile lighting balloon

Airstar, the inventor and world leader of lighting balloon technology, offers a complete range of products to meet all your construction lighting needs. Airstar lights are diffused, glare-free and illuminate a 360 area.

Sirocco 4x150w HI-CR lighting balloon is designed to offer an economic and ecologic lighting solution.

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4x150w HI-CR
Versatile lighting balloon
The balloon
Diameter: 90cm (3ft) Self-inated by a built-in fan Tubular envelope offers a better light diffusion

New international standard: Ban on halogen bulbs Rain and dust proof Effective light distribution (360) Tubular envelope: more light for working areas > Ideal for construction sites 4-bulbs technology: > Gives more stability and performance guarantee Vibration-resistant system included Low energy consumption Improved lamp life expectancy > Improves mobility, saves costs Improved durability Wide operational temperature range: -20C ~ +30C (-4F ~ 90F)

Safety & reliability

IP54 product Flame-retardant fabric Special stabilizer to protect the lamps Innovative safety system with thermo switch

Lighting chart
230 lux 200 lux 140 lux 190 lux 55 lux 35 lux 22 fc 19 fc 13 fc 8 fc 5 fc 3 fc

Packaging & accessories

0 1.5 3 0 5 4.5 6 7.5 9 10.5m 25 30 35ft

Black PVC cylinder H 110 cm 30 cm (H 3.5 1) Total weight of the package: 9.5kg (21lbs) Recommended accessories: Ballast
sandbag P500AH Telescopic offset arm

10 15 20


Tilting head device

Lighting data
Lighted area with 5 lux minimum Lighted area with 10 lux minimum Light under the balloon placed at a 5-m (15ft) height Maximum lumen Color temperature 800m (8.500sq.ft) 500m (5.500sq.ft) 230 lux (21.5 fc) 58.000 lm 3.000K

Electrical features
Number of lamps Type of lamps Power by lamp Average lamp life Efciency Type of lamp holder 4 HI-TP 150w 12.000 hours 97 lm/w E27
or or

Maximum power M102 Available voltages Ballasts Restrike time Required generator


100v ~ 120v 220 ~ 240v

50 ~ 60Hz

built-in 1KvA

for improved mobility

~ 7 minutes

E26 Medium base

Customer support
Basic repair kits are provided with the product. Customer service is available trough local dealers. Eco-friendly: Sirocco 2-M 4x150w HI-CR reduces carbon footprints of your jobs. Feel free to ask us why!
Airstar 04/10 - Printed on 100% recycled paper - Vegetable-based inks

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