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I was watching a documentary about Pompeii, and it was not a religious one. it w as historical .

within the documentary however there was mention, without being Biblical or mentioning the Bible - that Pompeii had been sexually decadent bef ore its demise. Abuses of all kinds, immorality, using young people as sex sla ves. Debauchery, etc. Did anyone ever hear of this before? This is new to me. I immediately tied this in with Sodom and Gomorrha. The end that this particula r town faced in God's judgement, along with the two angels who came there I do not like to jump to conclusions or to use fire and brimstone type of thinki ng. But this does seem like a strange coincidence, hard to avoid comparison. Literally, a certain type of fire did destroy the people in that town. Just lik e the town in the Bible. The fire of lava, of volcanic eruption. Scholars of the Bible may have a field day with this one, and it is quite amazin g to me.