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Credit Request: CM220: College Composition II

Course Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1: Construct logical arguments 2: Develop strategies for effective problem solving 3: Conduct research to support assertions made in personal, academic, and professional situations 4: Articulate what constitutes effective communication in personal, professional and diverse contexts 5: Demonstrate effective listening strategies Source of Learning Viva! Choices, October 2004 to Present Keller Williams Realty, January 2005 to February 2008 Sutter Estates Retirement Community, December 1998 to August 2001 Learning Statements Developed multiple proposals for individuals and companies describing the positive aspects of marketing to the aging population _____________________________ Initiated conversations with potential investors that involved educating them on the aging population, listening to their concerns and presenting information relevant to their concerns in order to gain their interest _____________________________ Collected data on an ongoing basis to support the development of programs supporting age-friendly environments in real estate and other fields, as well as in the home services industry _____________________________ Evaluated new and already available product information that would provide possible solutions for the problems the aging population and their children face in trying to downsize and sell their homes ____________________________ Evaluated new and already available mobility and lifestyle equipment, appliances, furniture and technology to assist clients with their accessibility needs _____________________________ Prioritized the steps in a successful transaction and made recommendations for future living arrangements based on current Documentation Letter of Verification Janet Beaver Preferred Provider 05-24-08 Viva! Choices One Sheet 97-03

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research about new market options _____________________________ Performed assessments of clients needs via consultations that involved listening, questioning and then reiterating what the clients wishes were to make sure that I understood _____________________________ Negotiated on behalf of clients to obtain the price and terms they wanted, making sure that all parties clearly understood and were able to develop and discuss alternatives when necessary _____________________________ Collaborated with clients and their family members assisting them in living the best quality of life possible _____________________________ Applied communication strategies learned in marriage counseling to real life situations involving friends, family, clients, investors, associates, business owners and corporate officers.

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