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Lab Project 1: MS WORD (5%) individual work Students are required to create a Cheap Sale Flyer for promoting your new outlet branch in Kuala Terengganu. The flyer should include all of these requirements: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Use at least 3 pictures of selected product. Use at least 3 types of font size and styles. Use a table anywhere in the flyer. Use at least 3 shapes in the flyer. Use a bullet list anywhere on the flyer. Use page border and at least 3 types of font size on your flyer. Insert your name (on right) and group (on left) as a header.

Any other related information can also be added to your flyer but you need to minimize the use of words and create the flyer as creative as possible. Higher mark will be given for creative and genuine work. You can adapt any cheap sale poster/flyer to give an idea for creating your own work. Submission date: Week 6 (last date is on 6 Jan 2012) Print out your Project in A4 paper.

Assignment 1: THEORY (10%) Every students need to do article review for at least TWO (2) article paper discussing about the advantages and disadvantages (the pros and cons) of using computer in education. The reading should come from establish journal or proceedings. Your assignment should be supported with evidence through reading from articles from the journal or proceedings. The article review should be complete and have all these elements: a. b. c. d. Introduction The use/functions of computer in the application The pros and cons Conclusion (your own views on using multimedia for the application)

Your report should not more than 2 pages. Indicate the references of your reading. Follow the previous format for cover page of your assignment. Submission date: Week 10 (last date is on 19 Jan 2012)

Please take not that any late submission will deduct 5 marks!