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What kind of coat can only be put on when wet?

Answer: a coat of paint February 15, 2010 What goes up a chimney down, but won't go down a chimney up? Answer: an umbrella February 9, 2010 What letter is next in this sequence? M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O,__ Answer: N These are the first letters of the months of the year March 1, 2009 What's full of holes but still holds water? Answer: a sponge February 27, 2009 What building has the most stories? Answer: A Library July 2, 2006 Why is an island like the letter T? Answer: It is in the middle of "waTer". March 22, 2005 Pronounced as one letter, And written with three, Two letters there are, And two only in me. I'm double, I'm single, I'm black, blue, and gray, I'm read from both ends, And the same either way. What am I? Answer: an eye March 14, 2005 My life can be measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick Fat, I am slow Wind is my foe. Answer: A candle

February 12, 2005 What other letter fits in the following series: B C D E I K O X? Answer: The letter H. All of the letters in the series flipped vertically remain the same. January 20, 2005 What is the next letter in the series: "B, C, D, E, G, ..."? And Why? Answer: The next letter would be P. They all rhyme. August 23, 2004 Two mothers and two daughters go to a pet store and buy three cats. Each female gets her own cat. How is this possible? Answer: There is a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter.The grandmother is also the mother's mother, so there are 2 daughters and 2 mothers, but only a total of 3 people. March 8, 2004 What has wheels and flies, but is not an aircraft? Answer: A garbage truck January 27, 2004 What is the best month for a parade? Answer: March September 29, 2003 What's white when its dirty? Answer: A blackboard