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CDMA Hand-off Parameters

Handoff Parameters T_Add T_comp T_Drop T_tdrop

T_Add is a pilot detection threshold. If a pilot is in the Neighbor or Remaining set, and is detected above T_Add, it is moved to the candidate set and eventually to the active set. Should be low enough to quickly add useful pilots, but high enough to prevent false alarms due to noise Default: -13 dB Recommended: -13dB APXRCV Form: Ceqface

T_Drop and T_tdrop

T_Drop and T-tdrop together control the removal of a pilot from the active set. T_Drop should be low enough to avoid dropping a good pilot that goes into a short fade, but high enough to quickly remove unused pilots in Active or Candidate set. T_tdrop should be greater than the time required to establish handoff, but small enough to quickly remove unused pilots.

T_Drop and T_tdrop (cont)

T_Drop: Default: -17dBRecommended: -15dB

T_tdrop: Default: 2 sec Recommended: 2 sec APXRCV Form: Ceqface

T_Comp is a comparison parameter that aids in determining if a pilot will go into a full Active set such that : If the candidate pilots strength exceeds the two weakest Active set pilots strengths by at least the T-comp, or The candidate pilots strength exceeds the Weakest Active set pilots strength by at least T_comp , and is within 5 dB of the average strength of the two strongest Active set pilots.

Default: 2.5 dB Recommended: 2.5 dB APXRCV Form: Ceqface

Typical Values of Handoff Parameters