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California State Boards Topics to Review Oriental Medical Theory and Diagnosis Yin Yang, zang/fu, 6 evils, 7 emotions,

pathogenic factors, theory of disease Qi/blood/body fluids Circulation of energy Five element classification Internal pathways Body measurement Diagnosis: face, body, symptoms, etc. Tongue, Pulse Differentiation of syndromes 8 principles 3 heaters 4 levels: Wei-defensive, Qi, Ying-nutritive, Xue-blood 6 stages: Taiyang-Greater Yang, Yangming-Lesser Yang, Shaoyang-Lesser Yang, Taiyin-Greater Yin, Shaoyin-Lesser Yin, Jueyin-Terminal Yin Acupuncture and Adjunct Therapies Regular and extra points: location, function, needling depth Point prescriptions Point contraindications Channel pathways and symptoms regular, luo, tendo-musculo 8 extraordinary meridians study during last 1-2 weeks (HB Kim book) divergent study during last 1-2 weeks (HB Kim book) Special point categories: jing-well, ying-spring, shu-stream, jing-river, he-sea, xi-cleft, yuan-source, luo-connecting, front-mu / back-shu, command, influential, crossing, etc. Chronological acupuncture Mother & son points 4-point needle technique Cupping Moxibustion Electrostimulation Sterilization Micro systems (ear, scalp, etc.) Herbs and Formulas 239 herbs and 63 formulas Herb categories, temperatures, dosages, etc. Herb contraindications (over)

Western Medicine (HB Kim book is quite good for this) Biomedical disease Western pharmacology Diagnostic testing: MRI, CAT scan nerve compression Anatomy Vasculature Lymph system Nervous system Dermatomes study during last 1-2 weeks Brain Cranial nerves study during last 1-2 weeks Autonomic, sympathetic, parasympathetic Glands Hormones Vitamins Pathology Orthopedics Neurology Digestive and respiratory systems Physical exam Muscles Organ systems HIV (HB Kim book) Hepatitis (HB Kim book) Other Laws and regs (HB Kim book not enough) Ethics (HB Kim book not enough) Clean needle (HB Kim book not enough)