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Yangas Francisco Balagtas College) WAKAS, BOCAUE, BULACAN COLLEGE OF NURSING

August 8, 2011 PROF. ESPERANZA NUEZ Director, PRDO Dr.Yangas Colleges Inc. Dear Madam, Felicitations! We, the group 2 of Nursing Research II, are requesting from your good office to allow us to conduct a research entitled A Comparative Study of the Clinical Teaching Effectiveness between Part time and Full time Clinical Instructors of Dr. Yangas Colleges Inc. College of Nursing. Attached herewith is the copy of our research questions. We are hoping for your kind response regarding this matter. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, CONESE, Chamel Rafaela M. CRUZ, Shiela Q. ORTEGA, Raymond M. Group 2

Noted by:

Dr. ENRIQUE M. JOAQUICO Nursing Research II Professor