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Department of Civil & Geological Engineering

CE 463.3 Advanced Structural Analysis Lab 3 SAP2000 Editing, Load Cases and Combination
February 08th, 2012 T.A: Ouafi Saha Professor: M. Boulfiza

1. Truss
30kN 25kN 25kN 25kN 25kN Units kN, m, C Mat. Steel Self-Weight = 0








Top and Bottom chord section double tee 2L5x5x7/16 Braces section rectangular 7x25 mm2, New features: Edit Divide, Releases - Run three analyses, perfect welding in all joints, hinges in all joints, only braces are hinged. - Compare the three cases - What is the maximum deflexion in each case? - What are the maximum internal forces in these cases? Select elements, Assign > Frame > Releases/Partial Fixity

2. Load Combination
Dead Load = WD = 10 kN/m and PD = 60kN Live Load = L1 = 15 kN/m Live Load = L2 = 15 kN/m Units kN, m, C Material Concrete 2 Section 300x650mm Self-Weight included in Dead Load WD PD



New features: Load Combination, Tabular Output. Consider the following combinations: 1.4 D 1.25 D + 1.5 L1 1.25 D + 1.5 L2 1.25 D + 1.5 (L1 + L2) 0.9 D + 1.5 L1 0.9 D + 1.5 L2 0.9 D + 1.5 (L1 + L2) - Which one gives the Maximum Positive Moment and which one gives the Maximum Negative Moment? - Why do you think it is important to consider the combination 0.9 L since it is smaller than 1.5 L? - Plot the envelope for these seven combinations. 3. Additional Examples Another detailed Truss

20 kN/m Case1 50 kN Case2 60 kN Case3 Units kN, m, C Material Concrete 2 Section 250x600 mm Dead Load = 4.5xSelf-Weight 4m 2m

Plot moment diagram for each case alone, for a unit linear combination of all and finally an envelope of the linear combination.