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How to configure DH+ between PanelView Plus and SLC504 using 2711P-RN6

If you dont have 1784-PKTX card or PCMK card, you are still able to configure PanelView Plus talking to SLC504 thru DH+ network. Here is the example.

1.Create a RSLogix500 application the processor - Link SLC504 to your PC using AB_DF1-1 - Create a RSLogix500 application, we will just use N7:0 address. Download the application to the processor. - Leave SLC504 in running. Go to RSLinx and delete AB_DF1-1 2.Create a RSView ME application - Link PC to SLC504 using RS232 cross-over cable - Launch RSView ME > Double click Communication Setup > Create a new configuration. - Under Local tab, add DF1 driver and configure it as following screens

- Create a shortcut and point to the SLC504 under DF1 driver

Create a new display, put a numeric display and a numeric input objects on it. Make sure to connect N7:0. Save the display as Test

- Test the display and make sure you can input and display N7:0 data

- Under Start, do following settings:

- Back Communication setup screen > Target tab > Add driver and choose DH+ (1784-PKTX, 2711-RN6, 2711RN8) > OK

- Right click DHPlus, DH+ > Add device > Choose relevant processor > OK

- Re-point the shortcut name to the processor again. Be sure, this time you define the pointer in Target tab

3. Download application to PanelView Plus - Use a straight thru cable to link PC and PanelView Plus - Under communication setup > Local Tab > Right click DF1 > Properties

- Hit OK and you should be able to see PanelView Plus (a PC icon)

Create a runtime application Use Transfer Utility to download the application to PVP thru DF1 drive

Connect PanelView Plus and SLC504 using DH+ cable When downloading finishes, load the application and run it.

4.Cable connection DH+ 3. Clear 2. Shield 1. Blue PanelView Plus RIO 3. Blue 2. Shield 1. Clear SLC504 DH+ 1. Blue Shield 2. Clear