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IT in Agriculture

Aniruddha Chowkidar, Arun Jagarious and Sanju Matthew

Need for IT
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Access to information Increasing efficiency To reduce wastage Quality Improvement

Role of IT in Agriculture
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Direct contribution to agricultural productivity


Precision farming Empowering farmers to take decision

Indirectly helps in quality decision making.


Information Input required for farmers

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Awareness database Decision support system Information on new opportunity Monitoring


What does the Company do?

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Procure vegetables and fruits from farmers and to supply to bulk customers in cities Create end to end supply chain infrastructure, processes and technologies to make perishable produce distribution more efficient

Critical Analysis
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Develop a IT based backbone for data gathering, analysis, planning and monitoring the entire operation Setup low cost collection centers close to villages in partnership with farmers for organized collection and grading Setup distribution centers in metros close to customer location for final delivery Train intermediaries like transport operators in proper handling of perishables to reduce transit wastage Map the demand and supply and ensure just in time distribution eFarm is currently operational in Chennai and sources from over 1500 farmers in surrounding areas of tamilnadu

Sources of Information
` ` Role of Information Technology in Agriculture and its Scope in India. By S.C. Mittal,