Judul A trip to Bandung Tokoh The writer ( I), his friend Latar Tempat Latar Waktu


My horrible experience

3. 4.

Vacation to London Visiting Bali

Tangerang, hotel, All day Ciampelas, Ciwalk, Ciwidey, Ciwagu, Villagers house, and Cibaduyut The writer (I) Bali At the weekend when the earthquake happened. Mr. And Mrs. Richard London, hethrow with two sons airport, the hotel The writer¶s friend Kuta, Singaraja, All day Ubud

NARRATIVE TEXT No 1. Judul Romeo and Juliet Tokoh Latar Tempat Verona Latar Waktu All day




Romeo, Rosaline, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, mercutio, Tybalt and Merquito Story of bawang merah Bawang merah, bawang and bawang putih putih, step maother and the old woman The myth of Malin Malin Kundang, Malin Kundang Kundang¶s wife, Malin Kundang¶s mother, Crew of Malin Kundang¶s ship, the villagers The Smartest Parrot A man, Catano (Parrot), four old chicken

At the river

village, Long time ago

West Sumatra

Long time ago

Unknown village

All day