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By Edna


WHAT IS AN ANTAGONIST AND PROTAGONIST The protagonist is the main character in the film, novel and is usually the "good" guy in the film. Therefore the storyline surrounds around this character's experiences. On the other hand the antagonist is depicted as the bad guy in the film. Their the person that goes against the protagonist and have power over the protagonist weakness.



In Inception the protagonist is Cobb even thought he is the one stealing from people dreams, so is technically his bad guy. Since the storyline revolves around him he become the main character and is therefore the protagonist. He also had a weakness that the antagonist (Mal) his wife had control over. Which is why she kept stopping him from completing his missions. Due to her being his weakness she is therefore seen as the bad guy in the film that keep snitching him up.



In Memento the protagonist was Lenny because he was the one with the mental disability (Amnesia) . This then led the antagonist to take advantage of his memory and use him for whenever she want vengeance on anyone.

The protagonist is the mother who adopted the child. She was shown as the good guy who wanted to help an orphan by sharing her family and love to a child she never knew. The antagonist is Esther as she was the one committing all the crimes such as the murder of the nun, breaking her brothers hand, burning the bird house and blackmailing a deaf innocent child. She was the same person who turned everyone against the mother, in thinking that she hated her and was maltreating her, when really she just wanted her husband.