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10. ll. 12. STUDENTS GUIDELINES Students are not allowed to wear slippers and shorts inside MCAD laboratory Males are not allowed to wear sando. Students are not allowed to eat, drink ( even water ) or smoke Inside MCAD lab. Students may have their 500ml bottle filled with purified water (for free) just inform any front desk staff. Not available at SM Sta. Mesa and SM North Edsa Branch. Smoking should be done only in the far end of the corridor Near fire exit for the convenience of the majority (non-smokers). Students should set cellphones to silent or vibratory mode once inside MCAD lab. Moreso, student’s should entertain calls outside the laboratory irregardless if a student is attending a class or practicing. Students are not allowed to move, alter, dismantle, exchange any Equipments inside MCAD lab. Students are not allowed to modify thermostat setting of the aircon or touch electrical panels. Students are not allowed to intall any software or hardware, run any CD or VCD in MCAD lab and library using MCAD equipment. Students are not allowed to use any kind of camera, video camera, tape recorder or any recording devices inside MCAD premise without written authorization from the top management. Students are not allowed to bring any companion inside (who is not enrolled in the same course ) inside his/her class. If companion was a student, inform him/her to proceed at the frontdesk and LOG. Students are not allowed to distribute calling cards, leaflets, flyers or anything similar whose intention (direct or indirect) is to market his/her services (similar to service of Microcadd) without written approval of the top management. Students should keep OFF shoes on walls along the corridors and labs. Students are not allowed to alter wallpaper of Windows Settings of PC’s, application softwares and operating systems. Tate ofConenss| ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Donut ee resol Spine 2 ciunic Data Processing (EDP) ' ae an 36 Input Deviees 1 Special Objects. Output Devices 2 Rectang ia Printing Deviss 2 Polygon 2» Data Storages. 2 ‘Solid ates Ww Softwares 3 Hatch a sso uM Object Snaps 8 LESSON 11 Using Micosoh Windows 4 Lesson v Using Mouse 4 Drawing & Labelling a Simple lan Accessing Files and Folders: 5 Offset i 7 Exploring lesanlFoles/Sob-bicauris 3 le 38 Foie Sls Directory ‘ tim 6 Navigating Active Window 6 bralting aA Staio x” Creating New Folder 7 VexvDtex/Mtext png. Destingand Renaming it Tostijing Text 40 ov fr Disk File Utes 8 Teat/ Diest, ‘i Formatting a New Disk 9 Miext al Control Panel 9 ‘Special Text Characters 42 Changing Video Display 0 Autostack a2 Wino Laval rea to Peel Taine Sion u Spl : 8 Ddedit 3 SON It Propeny ton wc “ Sleping ino AutoCAD 2004 2 Quick Select, 4s ‘Startup Dialug Box B Find. 45 Undervaning the AutoCAD Window HW tex Spleand Fonts oa 6 Using Hiton Futon of a Mouse rw ” Understnding Toolbars, Function Keys, Field ‘ 48 Situs ar LESSON’ vi Using ine. Eawe & Oops 0 Cai re a AutoCAD Coordinate System w Units ” hss tania ” Dating Tite Block a Relative Rectang Coordinate Display and View Commands 2 Relative Polar Coordinate 2» Utilities and Filters Commands a Diet Distance Ey 2 Pal Tracking and Sap 2 : Modify and Consruct Commands LESSON IV Conmnand to Duplate Draw Commands: 2 Array: 3 Jina Copy 7 vine B onset 0 Vrace 23 Mirror 38 vill a ‘Command to Clean Corners. Pline 23 Fillet 3B Sketch a4 ‘Chamfer 58 Mine: a ‘Command to Modify. Objec. Orientation. Ray 23 Rotate 9 Xline 35 Move oo Curves: Aligs 0 Circle 26 . Reveloud, 27 MICROCADD TECHNOLOGIES CO. ( ™aiieaamme ) AutoCAD 2008 EE imme (LE SoeittisGassem GROGF, Ie GioyBly GFGrPoNFan ——enlen ow ce somsisCamee mosses uae Scytemedsnoc Sues Spat ies ‘aneaH s Hes meses) (BHT anes AMATO NAST (THAITIOS THEN ‘Command to Resize Object Sirech os CComsnd 1o Et Potyline Pedi Fxplade Use a Grips ‘Comma to change position of endpoints vend — Lengtien Changs Deak Creating 20 Templates LESSON VIII Blocking ‘Group Block Insert Explode Whlock Rename Pur AutoCAD bosign Center Reet Point, Divide and Measure Awibutes Inguity Xref LESSON IX Le Layer Matchprop Flooe Plan Multiple Documest Partial Deawines SON X Dimension AuloC AD Dimension Method Creating Curve Dimension Creating Linvar Dimension Lene os Linear, Continue and Baseline Dimension Dimension Commands and Variables Creating Dimension Siyles alting Dimension Properties Creating Mulilines Miine Misiyle ledit ol 6 a 63 a ot 6a 6s 65 66 Bs 8 or 2 3 7 98 9 too ol 103 lot 0s 106 101 Table of Contents| LESSONXI 3D Modelling ‘3D Surface and 30 Solid Converting Pinitves Into 3D Model Solid Editing ‘Commands to Create and Edit 3D Objets. eeatng 2 AD Model using old) Vpoint ports Vhrablesto Control 3D Solid angulation and Ksolines ‘Shadingmodes Creating of 3D Templates Interior (Masters Bed rm.) Composition. LESSON XIE ‘3D Surface Commands Revsurf Rolesurt udgesurt ‘Tabsurt ‘Command Associated with Surfaces 5D Surface Model of a House, 3D Exterior Composition Sree User Coordinate System LESSON XII Dview 3D Orbit Viewing 3D Mode Aajusting the Cutting Planes LESSON IV age Setup Tiled Wpots and Floating Vpors Model Space and Layout "Non-tectangular Viewports... Final Composition LESSON XIV ‘osnap and Isocircle Snaps Creating lsozirele Creating Plumbing Layout LESSON XV Color Rendering Assigning Materials ‘Assigning Lights Pointight Spotlight Associated Command 108, 10s. 109 10 un 2 irs Ms MS 1S nh 13 123) is 123 roy 125 126 9, bs BT 138 bo 140 lar ua Ww 3 7 “7 us a9) 150 151 152 132 133 Mh MIGROGADD TecHNoLosies Go. “AutoCAD 2008 Ton Sate Os selon a Sats Can, 06 Mon ast “uaa 30510 (GHG They in Preeap tay (GrcarPan aa ‘Suche EO84, OC a6 8a Shiol SMC as ea = 229272 “wale SM Canopont sia Meso CATS 14ST