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Afrika Corrections (First Print Run Only)

The first print run of Afrika had several errors. This file lists the important corrections made to all subsequent print runs. Check page 211. If the Bazooka team does not have the Tank Assault 4 attribute, use these corrections.

Page 30: Pioneer Platoon The commanders vehicle is a Schwimmwagen. Is this right? The Schwimmwagen in the HQ Section should be a Kbelwagen. Page 35: Heavy Infantry Gun Platoon The cost to replace Bison self-propelled guns with towed 15cm sIG33 guns is -5 points per platoon. The cost to replace Bison self-propelled guns with Grille self-propelled guns is +30 points per platoon. Page 37: Armoured Heavy Platoon An Armoured Heavy Platoon may make Combat Attachments to Combat Platoons. Page 39: Heavy Platoon The motorcycles or Kbelwagen jeeps of the Heavy Platoon are armed with Passenger-fired MGs. Page 50 & 54: Light Artillery Battery Add the option to equip all 7.5cm GebG36 guns with Gun Shields at no cost. 7.5cm GebG36 guns with Gun Shields are Heavy Gun teams. The points for a Light Artillery Battery are 270 points for two Gun Sections or 155 points for one Gun Section. Glider Light Artillery Batteries remain the same price as before. Page 59: Rocket Launcher Battery Delete the option to replace the observers vehicles with armoured half-tracks or Panzer II tanks. Page 60: Assault Gun Platoon While we upgraded the characteristics of the StuG to the correct model, the points slipped the net. StuG III F/8 assault guns are 535 points for three and 355 points for two. Page 204: Armoured Personnel Carriers Replace all references to Rear AA Mount in the entries for German half-tracks with Passenger-fired AA MG.

Page 79: Armoured Car Platoon Two AB41 armoured cars cost 75 points. Page 88: Air Support The headings for the Air Support table are wrong. The two columns are Limited Air Support and Sporadic Air Support, not Priority Air Support and Limited Air Support. Page 206: Italian Special Rules

One-man TurreT
Captured French tanks like the R.35 had cramped one-man turrets making it almost impossible for the tank commander to guide the driver, locate targets, load the gun, and still fire! A tank with a one-man turret may not fire its main gun in the same turn it moved, and may not fire both the main gun and the machine-gun in the same turn.

Page 102: Major General Pip Roberts Pip Roberts may be equipped with a Grant tank for 120 points and upgraded to a Sherman II or III tank for +20 points. Page 115: Rifle Company The Tank and Transport Platoons options were missed out of the list of Support Platoons. Page 123: Commando Troop The Tank Platoon option was missed out of the list of Support Platoons. Page 127: Royal Horse Artillery Battery Royal Horse Artillery Batteries are rated as Fearless Veteran. A Battery with four Gun Troops costs 465 points, one with two Gun Troops costs 270 points, while a single Gun Troop costs 165 points. Page 127: Field Battery, Royal Artillery A Battery with four Gun Troops costs 415 points, one with two Gun Troops costs 240 points, while a single Gun Troop costs 145 points.

Page 74: Self-propelled 75/18 Platoon Equip all Semovente 75/18 self-propelled guns with Improvised Armour for +5 points per gun. Page 75 & 78: Compagnia Bersaglieri & Motociclisti A Compagnia Bersaglieri/Motociclisti must contain: a Company HQ, one Bersaglieri/Motociclisti Platoon, and one to three Bersaglieri/Motociclisti, Bersaglieri/Motociclisti Machine-gun, or Bersaglieri/Motociclisti Anti-tank Platoons.

United States
Page 168: Intelligence & Recon Platoon The Intelligence & Recon Platoons are Reconnaissance Platoons. Page 176: Anti-aircraft Artillery (Self-propelled) Platoon Why does this have an option to The option to replace the jeep with a half-track should be deleted.

Tank Teams
Name Weapon Mobility Range Fully-tracked 40/100cm Fully-tracked 16/40cm 56/140cm Fully-tracked 24/60cm Wheeled 40/100cm Fully-tracked 24/60cm Fully-tracked 24/60cm

Armour Front Side Top Equipment and Notes ROF Anti-tank Firepower 9 2 2 1 3 2 3 6 3 6 2 1 2 2 1 4 2 8 13 1 13 4 2 4 13 5 7 4 10 0 4 6 0 2 2 12 Co-ax MG, Hull MG, Protected ammo, Slow tank, Unreliable, Wide tracks. 3+ Slow traverse. 0 Hull MG, Overloaded, Slow tank, Unreliable. 1+ Bunker buster, Hull-mounted. 2+ 1 Co-ax MG, Slow tank. 4+ One-man turret. - Awkward layout, Overloaded, Slow, Stabiliser jacks. 3+ Heavy anti-aircraft. 1 Co-ax MG, Slow tank. 4+ No HE. 1 Protected ammo, Slow tank, Tow hook. 4+ No HE. 0 Turret front MG. 5+ 4+ Hull-mounted. 0 6 Turret front MG. Hull-mounted, Portee, Smoke bombardment. 2

Tiger I (early) 8.8cm KwK36 gun Bison (15cm sIG) 15cm sIG33 gun Firing bombardments

R.35 37/21 gun Lancia da 90/53 90/53 gun

Valentine III OQF 2 pdr gun Valentine VIII OQF 6 pdr gun

Marmon Herrington III Wheeled Boys anti-tank rifle 16/40cm with Captured anti-tank gun 16/40cm

M4 81mm MMC M1 81mm mortar M10 3in GMC M7 3 gun Half-tracked 40/100cm Fully-tracked 32/80cm

0 .50 cal AA MG. 3+ Slow traverse.

Infantry Teams

Range 4/10cm 16/40cm 8/20cm 8/20cm

ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes 3 1 1 1 1 1 10 10 6 4+ 5+ 5+ Full ROF when moving. Smoke. Can fire over friendly teams. Tank Assault 4. Tank Assault 4.


SMG team Light Mortar team PIAT team


Bazooka team

Gun Teams
Weapon 7.5cm LG40 recoilless gun Captured 25 pdr gun Firing bombardment 10.5cm LG40 recoilless gun Firing bombardment Mobility Man-packed Heavy Light Range 16/40cm 24/60cm 80/200cm 16/40cm 64/160cm ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes 2 2 1 9 9 4 10 4 10 4 8 3+ 3+ 5+ 2+ 4+ 2+ 4+ 1+ Recoilless, Turntable. Gun shield, Smoke, Turntable. Smoke bombardment. Gun shield, Recoilless, Smoke.



100/17 howitzer Firing bombardment


24/60cm 1 72/180cm 1

Gun shield.


Blacker Bombard

Man-packed 16/40cm