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Many people have been arguing that Marcel Duchamp s Dada pieces of works can be considered art because

they express Duchamp s view about the boundary of arts. However, I believe that Duchamp s work can t be considered arts since they are not the result of creativity and emotion of the artist.

The piece The Fountain by Duchamp was selected in 2004 to be the most influential artwork of the 20th century . The Fountain was simply a urinal reoriented at an angle of ninety degrees and signed by Duchamp with his pseudonym R.Mutt . Many artists noted the piece for its resemblance of a classic Renaissance madonna .

Fig 1. The Fountain Marcel Duchamp

Another famous piece by Marcel Duchamp is called Prelude to a Broken Arm . In this piece, Duchamp took a shovel and hung it from the ceiling.

Fig 2. Prelude to a Broken Arm In my opinion, however, Marcel s pieces can t be called arts. This is because Duchamp s works show a paucity of creativity. Firstly, Duchamp did not create the urinal or the shovel and hence he can t be considered the artist of the pieces. He just took the urinal off the wall, reoriented it, signed his name called it readymade arts. He did not make any notable modifications to the urinal or the shovel. Secondly, his work did not show his aesthetic emotions an important element of art. Thirdly, the pieces don t give the viewers any feelings because they are popular objects that they see every day. If we agree that Duchamp s pieces are arts, we will ultimately agree that every object can be called arts, from a pen to a house.

In conclusion, I believe that Marcel Duchamp s Dada pieces cannot be called arts and Duchamp can t be called the artists of these pieces. This is because Duchamp did not create these pieces and because the pieces do not convey any level of emotions or creativity.