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Day/ Date Shooting day 1


Internal/ External Internal

Shot description

Camera technique/ Editing Long shot of Toya. Aerial shot of Toya tied up, Low Key lighting. Lighting is low key; sunlight will be coming through the side of curtains to show it is morning time. Mid shot of Toya sitting up in bed. Mid shot of Toya Toya looks to the right - Eye Line Match of Alarm clock.



Art department/ special equipment needed Tape, Baseball bat


Toya is sitting on a chair; her hands are tied behind her back and have a tape around her mouth. At this point Kai is on the floor and the Andrae (Antagonist) is hitting him with a base ball bat. In a bedroom alarm clock is on bedside table next to Toyas side of the bed 06:59 and date is showing on alarm clock. Toya is in bed next to her partner Kai, who is wearing pyjama shorts and is topless and Toya is wearing a black vest top and pyjama shorts. Toya wakes up and her and kai starts a conversation.

Toyas Basement in her apartment. Toyas room

Toya Kai Andrea

Kai Toya

Alarm clock Props

Shooting day 2 3 External Toya is on her way to work, she is wearing a black pencil skirt, tights, blouse, heels and her hair is neat and she is wearing make-up. She also has a bag, a folder and car keys in her hand. She says the monologue at this point. Outside on Toyas house where she lives, high key lighting to show day time and beginning of a new day, there is no sound apart from her monologue. Establishing shot of Toya going to work. Long shot of Toya getting into the car. Mid shot of Toya sitting down at her desk. CU Toya looks up towards door Outside an apartment Only Toya Costume Car Car keys