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LP Programmatic One-Liners Blanket Statement Our programs goal is to empower Chicagos Latinos and immigrants so that they may

have a voice in their communities and lead more enriched lives. Legal Services Program Legal Services assists immigrants and their families on their journeys to reunification and lawful immigration status. Family Services Family Services helps families reunite through legal immigration. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) The VAWA Initiative provides a way for immigrant or undocumented victims of domestic violence to file for immigration benefits independently, which helps end dependency on abusers for legal permanent residency or citizenship status. Arts & Culture The Arts & Culture program spotlights the experience of contemporary immigrants and connects our community to the arts so they can creatively explore the issues that affect their lives. Teatro Americano Teatro Americano provides opportunities for local youth to think and act in creative ways that counter negative stereotypes of Latino youth and communities. Mural Project LPs mural projects bring residents and artists together in dialogue and action, highlighting collaboration as a tool for creative community growth. Cultural Events (description forthcoming from Adrienne, as details are finalized) Civic Engagement (description forthcoming from Adrienne, as details are finalized)