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Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda), which has a technology tie-up with Japan's Honda Motors, was discussing the feasibility of manufacturing scooters for the Indian market, Mr. Munjal said. However, the company has a binding clause with Honda's scooter manufacturing Indian subsidiary, preventing it from making scooters till 2004.
Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda), India's largest motorcycle company, has launched the premium

segment 223cc motorcycle Karizma priced at Rs 79,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Many of the products which the company has started with have been phased off. Now the existing products are Karizma, Ambition, CBZ, Splendor, Splendor+, Splender Pro, Passion Pro, Passion Plus, CD Delux, and CD Dawn. The TCS study examines customer evaluations at three distinct ownership periods: 1 to 6 months, 7 to 18 months, and 25 to 36 months. This helps in understanding the differences in satisfaction during initial ownership, in-warranty and post-warranty ownership periods. Satisfaction ratings decline as the length of vehicle ownership increases. However, Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) Splendor is among the few models to maintain consistency across the three ownership periods. Product Mix


BIKE 100CC 125CC

Splender pro Splender NXG Super Splender Splendor+ Passion pro Achiver Glamou r Fi

Hunk Impluse Cbz xtreme

Karizma R Karizma ZMR

Pricing is important component of marketing mix of the firm. Determining the prices of different products of a firm is very difficult task of the marketing manager. Price denotes money value of a product. If represent the amount of money for which a product can be exchange. In other words, prices represents the money which the buyer pays to the seller for a product price represent the exchange value of goods and services in terms of money. Price is all around. Price factor has very well been touched by the manufacturers. The pricing strategy of the company is very set. They price their product according to the cost of production and also by keeping an eye on the price of the competitors of that segment and demand of the product in the market. A pricing strategy that ensured an average manufacturer margin that game dealer an adequate return and created a reputation with consumers like a company selling a good quality product at a reasonable price. Industry focus themselves the low cost producer with good quality and aimed to maintain the price advantage in every market of two wheelers.
Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) group ensures an easily affordable pricing through excellent

transportation to common man. It fixes customer centric pricing that provide customer total satisfaction.
Hero MotoCorps (Hero Hondas) pricing objectives are: List price, Discount, Financing schemes,

Credit terms, and Maximize profits

Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda group) ensures an easily affordable pricing through excellent

transportation to common man. It fixes customer centric pricing that provides the customer with total satisfaction.

Mode l Price Pleasure CD Deluxe Splendor NXG Splendor + Splendor Pro Super Splendor Passion Pro Achiever Glamour Fi CBZ extreme Hunk Impluse Karizma R Karizma ZMR


Insurance Total Price

CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION: As a company, dealers play a major role in serving customers, while growing and sustaining markets. Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) has a network of more than 3500 strong and dedicated Authorized dealers. A network that has helped Hero MotoCorps (Hero Hondas) name and its promise of reliable quality to every part of the country. The power of this highly efficient and motivated network goes a long way to create goodwill for Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) brand among countless consumers besides creating availability and after sales services.

The channel of distribution is a direct dealer network. A direct dealer is a dealer who is authorized to purchase the product directly from the company and sell.

PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION: Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) has more than 3500 showrooms in India. Some of the Authorized dealers of Hero MotoCorp, in and around Surat are, are:

Dhru Automobiles Navjivan Automobiles Shivani Automobiles Siddhi Autos

Promotional tools 1. ADVERTISING: It is defined as a paid non-personal communication with a target (usually mass) market. It is cost effective and can reach a large number of people. It can also be used for long term or short term objectives. There are various forms or mediums through which can advertise. A. Broadcast Media: Television Radio Cinema

B. Print media: Newspapers Magazines Leaflets

C. Outdoor media: Posters and billboards.

2. PUBLIC RELATIONS AN PUBLICITY: Public relations are an umbrella term and refer to the totality of the organizations behavior with respect to the society in which it operates. The maybe regarded as good or bad and is reflected in the companys reputation and image.


Sponsorship can be seen as a part of public relations and it is certainly the case that some sponsorship goes on to generate positive publicity for the organization. The company has not left any stone untamed in sponsoring the major events both globally and domestically. The biggest of all is the sponsorship of the WORLD CUP for which Hero
MotoCorp (Hero Honda) has the credit of being the only two-wheeler company in the world to do

so. Recently they are sponsoring the Hockey World cup. Besides this, the company has also sponsored events like Master Golf, television academy awards, etc. Thus the company has gained a lot of reputation by doing so. 4. DISCOUNTS/OFFERS:

The company has started giving discounts and other offers to the customers on the purchase of a new bike, for instance, with the World Cup offer, in which the consumer was to get a 1 gm gold coin with every purchase. But after all these schemes and benefits may be because of cut-throat competition in the segment with heavyweight competition such as Bajaj, kinetic, Yamaha, and TVS the company Hero
MotoCorp (Hero Honda) officially says:

Our aim is to proactively and consistently deliver value to the customer. We are giving back to the customer after becoming successful. Most companies give discounts only when their products are not doing well in the market. There is lot of competition in the segment, especially from Bajaj. But the reason for Hero MotoCorps (Hero Hondas) success it that we are consumerfocused while other companies such as Bajaj tends to be more competitor-focused.

5. Test ride and Road show

PROMOTION POLICY: Company gives advertisement in different media vehicles time to time. Like in TV. Magazines, newspaper, etc. Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) also organizes free service camps every year. Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) also takes art in trade fair.

Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) with the help of ICICI Bank provides loan to the customers & also provide easy monthly installment scheme to customers. Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) gives huge commission to their dealers. Advertisement, local events sponsorship and promotions and inviting a prominent personality for the inaugural or first like delivery function would contribute effectively in generating a wider local interest and attention.
Hero MotoCorps (Hero Hondas) latest DKD 2 commercial its two brand starring its Ambassador

and Indias heart throbs, Hritik Roshan and Sourav Ganguly, truly reflects the multi fact roles that todays new generation plays. The commercial reflecting the charisma and vibrancy of these two stars, takes Desh Ki Dhadkan to dazzling new heights. It is young, colorful and vibrant and represents the icons of contemporary times. And it will go a long way in strengthening the leadership status of the product by the mile. The new commercial is powerful film repeat with an impressive storyline. The effort to pack the story, drama and impact in just 60 seconds was phenomenal challenge itself. The idea was born itself. The idea was born out of the very essence of Hero and Stars. Keeping in mind would cause on the drama and impact it would cause on the audience. It is a commercial packed with action where todays heart throbs, Hritik and saurav, are seen tackling new roles. The story being in a field adjoining a hill with two cool men, Hritik and Sourav on Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) bikes and Passion respectively. Both Sameer and Aditya win lifetime opportunity act with Hritik and Sourav, the two star heartthrobs of millions in India and all four will be seen in action in the new commercial DKD-2. These are some of the Slogan for every product (Bike) and these are following:CD-100 CD100SS Splendor Street Smart Passion CBZ : : : : : : Fill it, shut it, Forget it. Tough and Rugged. Designed to Excel. License to enjoy. When style matters, Bike born in studio not in factory. Motorcycling Unplugged.

MARKET SEGMENTATION OF HERO MOTOCORP (HERO HONDA) Demographic Segmentation Income: Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) products are offered to the public taking into consideration all the income groups in the society. Age: The main segmented group for the motorcycle are 18 years and above. Occupation: All kinds of people are taken into account. Students, Professional, Govt. Servants, etc. Geographic Segmentation: The potential customers are basically from every regions of India. Psychographic Segmentation: Behavioural Segmentation: status, benefit wise. People purchasing bikes are very economical,

quality, brand conscious and loyalty. This segmentation is done considering user


TARGETING The proposed targeting people in the age group of 18 years and above with a average monthly income of approximately Rs. 10,000 and above, who are brand loyal and who are either students or retired individuals or may be employed as professionals, government servants or having their own business, but mostly male i.e on the different strata of the population.

POSITIONING The image that Hero MotoCorp (Hero Honda) creates in the mind of the customers is the faith. The add shows by it says Desh ki Dhadkan. That means its a member of the Indian family. It represents the Indian culture and society. The objectives can be achieved through the implementation of suitable marketing strategy by the organisation. It is the marketing logic that is formulated keeping in mind the needs of the consumers and also strategies of the competitors.