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Sekolahku Awal Imajinasiku IIb

Sekolahku Awal Imajinasiku IIb

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Published by: Rachma Wati on Mar 09, 2012
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Me and My Activity School
Writer: Adinda Percilka Chaerunnisa, 6 Kahayan

If I was in an exam, I would write “Adinda Persilka C” in my name form. If I
was in school, people would call me Dinda PC. People would say I‟m fat, because
that I am. I wear glasses, because I‟m a bookworm.

I have lots of friends, but I only have a few best friends. I have lots of
interests, such as Math and Science. But I never have a good grade in Arabic,
Social Studies, and Citizenship. I have a big sister in Junior High School, and
most people would say that my sister and I look like twin. But to me, we look

nothing alike. My sister wears braces and I don‟t.

I‟m in sixth grade right now, in class Martapura to be exact. I‟m in the second
semester right now, which means I‟m busy preparing my exams. In class

Martapura, the boys and girls are mixed. We have lots of fun everyday. The boys
always joke around and the girls would try and concentrate but we end up
laughing too.

Everyday I go to school around 06.50 AM. And arrive at 07.00 AM. That‟s a
bit too early for people like me, whose sleeping schedule is a disaster.

When I grow up, I want to be my own boss. I want to have my own company.

So I wouldn‟t have a bossy or selfish boss. I want to be like, I don‟t know, Bill
Gates maybe. He makes money even when he sleeps. But I wouldn‟t make a
computer‟s software. I heard that he makes up to, something like, five million

dollars a year. Or at least I want to be like my dad or my grandpa.

But before I can be like Bill Gates, I‟d have to study hard at school. Even
though I‟m probably the laziest person you‟ll ever know. But I always try to do my


Thank you to Alloh, for giving me all that I have today. Thank you to my
family, especially my parents for all the love. Thank you to my teachers for being
patient and teaching me all the knowledge. Thank you to my friends for always
being there for me. And thank you to Mr. Amna for letting me write this story.♥♥♥

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

Page 9

About A Kid Named Nadia
Writer: Nadia Karima Maula, 6 Kahayan

The one thing that I like is Anime or Manga. Almost none of my friends love

things like that, but that doesn‟t keep me away from all of my friends. Ceryle,

Nahda, Rifka, Veni, Asya, Sheilla, Ayun, Tasya, Rani, Lia, Reni, Dinda P.C,
Nesya, Amel, Audrey, Adinda OK, PutriSuci, Amadea, Alviona, and Niken, all of

them was a best friends of mine before. Wow, that‟s a lot! Since I‟ve been in
Martapura, life is not even better. Sometimes people call me “Angry Nadia” but
I‟m not angry, because I know they‟re just joking. Some people also call me “Nut”.
It‟s because my name is Nadia. Even though I don‟t like eating nuts, they‟ll still

call me that.

In the future, I want to be a novelist.Do you know pals? Actually, I‟m already
writing a novel. I want to publish it to…… Dar!! Mizan Publisher. I got the
inspiration from all the KKPK writers. The novel that I‟m writing is about time
machines. I can‟t tell you about it right now. But if you want to give me some
ideas, you‟re pleased :-).You know, I‟ve been writing novels since 3rd

grade, when

I was 8 years old.

I like movies or comics that‟s about adventure, action, or comedy. Okay,
back to the school. I love Math, English, Arabic, Art, and Computer. I‟m weak at
Citizenship, History,and Indonesian language. I‟m a little weird but I want myself
to be like that. I want to be a unique kid that‟sdifferent from others.

I love all of my teachers. At school I usually chat with my friends. When I
arrive at school, waiting the bell to ring, I usually walk around the soccer field with

one of my friends and chat. You know, I really like writing, maybe that‟s why I

want to be a novelist.

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

Page 10

I really like being in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School. I don‟t want to separate
with my friends. But that‟s the way it is. I hope I‟ll never forget all of my friends. I

hope we can meet again someday. From the first time I met them until now, we
were always together with lots and lots memories that happy, silly, funny or even
bad one. The memories that I won‟t forget is surely the happy and the funny ones.

Well, I‟m tired of writing so it‟s a farewell, bye…♥♥♥

My Lovely School
Writer: Nahda Anisa Rahma, 6 Kahayan

In the morning, there is a

child that screams “I‟m a sixth
grader now!!” Her name is
Nahda Anisa Rahma and she
is usually called Nahda. But

her friends call her „Ndut‟ or

whatever. Uhhmm I want to

say “I‟m not fat but I‟m sexy
you know!, hehehe but I don‟t

angry to my friends. I love all
of them.

I love them all, especially Kafam and Marfam, I mean Kahayan Family and
Martapura family,and my teachers, Mrs.Muthi and Mr. Nu‟man. Emm…, do you
think my teachers only them? No! Of course not! I have many teachers. I‟m sorry I
can‟t tell you about all of my teachers. But I love them so much >3>3 . They
teach me and my friends about everything.

And also to my headmaster Ustadz H. Sukri Pawira, S.Ag, he is the best
teacher in the world, I know his face is funny
(I’m sorry,Sir) but he is very
smart and kind. He is the smartest person in Bunga Bangsa Islamic Primary
School. You are the person who inspiring me so much. Thanks a lot.

And big thanks to Asya, Ayun, Veni, Sheila, Amel, Pece, Nadia, Ceryle,
Dinda OK, and Rifka. Thanks to Mr. Sukri, Mr. Nu‟man, Mrs. Muthi, Ustdzah Susi,
Mrs. Yeni, Mr.Dadang, Miss Padmi, Miss Feni, Miss Tri, Mrs. Yunita, Mr. Arifin,
Mr. Siraj, UstadzahEka, Mr.Mishuri, Mr.Amna, Mr.Naja, UstadzahSalmiah,
Mr.Rouf, Mr.Hari, and my parents. Once again,thanks a lot.

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

Page 11

At Holiday
Andi Muhammad Aqil Anwar, 6 Mahakam

One day, at the holiday, I go shopping with my mother at supermarket. My
mother asked me to take some fruits at the fruits corner. There, I pick some kilos
of apple, an item of papaya, three bunches of banana, and two kilos of orange.
After that, I go to dairy corner to get some boxes of milk and a kilo of eggs. Then,
I go to take some cans of coke, a loaf of cake, a bar of chocolate, a bottle of
shampoo, and soap. After we finished taking our monthly needs, my mother pays
everything we brought at the cashier. And we go home at 06.00 PM.

The next day, my family and I were going to the beach by car. At the beach,
my sister and I were making sand castle and my parent were drinking coconuts.
After that, my sister and I found a starfish and a dying jelly fish. And then, I go
diving at the deep sea. Inside the sea, I see many things like crabs, shrimps,
rayfishes, turtles, sharks, and so on. At 07.00 PM, we go home from the beach.

I‟m so happy that I can spend the holiday at the beach.♥♥♥

Grand Eater
Writer: Primatantra Nugraha, 6 Martapura

One day, in Kaze Aze castle, Ronan, Ryan, and Elesis are fighting the
enemies. Inside the castle they found the trouble maker named Kaze Aze. They
fight with everything they got. Suddenly, Lass come to the battle field. But Lass

doesn‟t fight for the good side, he fights for the evil side. They can‟t fight it again
because they‟re totally exhausted. They retreat to Bermesiah. They‟re almost


One day, in far east branch safe house Soma, Kota, Alisa, Sakuya have a
mission to kill corrosive Hannibal. They know this Aragami because everyone is
talking about this Aragami. Corrosive Hannibal is located in Aegis Island. They
fight it with everything they got. Even they strong enough, but they can defeat
him. Suddenly,Renkagane (my character in GE) shows up, and Ren shows up

too. But they can‟t see him except Renkagane. They fight him but still they almost

dead although Corrosive Hannibal is dead. Suddenly, something strange is
happening. There is a portal between Grand Chase World and God Eater World.

They go to the portal and they see a harmful world. They‟re ready for the next

test. Grand Chase and God Eater, combined at once, the world is named Grand

Eater World. Aragami‟s and all the monsters combined too. Aragami‟s and

monsters fight for evil and The Grand Eater fight for justice. Who will win? Evil or
Good? Let‟s the game begin!!. ♥♥♥

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

Page 12

Playing with Friends
Writer: Arya Kurnia Pambudi, 6 Martapura

One day, I play with my friends on the football
field. My friends are Hilman, Haeqal, Evan, Adya,
and Daffa. We call Alfan, Bayu, Dhuha, and Aqil.
And then we play football. My team is Hilman,
Haeqal, Evan, and Aqil. And the opposite team is
Alfan, Bayu, Dhuha, Adya, and Daffa. We play until
tired. And then we all buy Aqua. And we all go
home and rest.

And at 16.00 PM, we go to the mall to play. Before we play, we look for some
food to fill our stomach to produce some energy for us to play. And the choice is
going to KFC. After we eat, we go to Time Zone to play. I am playing The House
of The Dead, Hilman is playing basketball, and the other are playing car racing.
After we play, we eat some donuts at the bakery. After that, we go home and

have a rest.♥♥♥

Writer: Muhammad Reza Ananta, 6 Mahakam

In holiday,Aqil, Arya, Hilman, Daffa, and I were going to Balikpapan.They are
my friend. On our journey to Balikpapan, we see many things such as cars,
houses, hotels, and shops. Many hours later, we arrived at Balikpapan, we went
to supermarket, we eat, and go shopping then we go to the hotel to rest.

Next morning, we go to the beach. We play there and have a beach
breakfast. It‟s really nice beach, therefore we spend a long time there. When we
get tired we back to the hotel and have a rest. In the afternoon, we go to the
supermarket and have exciting games at Time zone. The games really get our
stamina out, makes us exhausted, and force us to back tothe hotel, having
dinner, and sleep earlier.

Unfortunately, the time is over and we have to end our journey in Balikpapan.
But before we leave Balikpapan, we take a little walk to get some souvenirs.

Wow, it‟s really a great holiday I have!!. ♥♥♥

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

Page 13

Best Friends
Writer: Anastasia Nesya Nugraeni, 6 Kahayan

Hi! My name is Anastasia Nesya Nugraeni, and you can call me Nesya. I‟m in grade
six now. It has been 6 years since the first time I study in SDI BungaBangsa. And I have a
lot of experiencesthere. These experiences are about my teachersand friends. In the first
grade, I have a best friend. Her name is Audrey. She is my first best friend. Kind,smart, and
nice are her personalities. She also likes cat. I spend many times at the school with her,
playing, studying, and eating with her too. She always cheers me up when I‟m sad. She
always tells me her problem. I think she always makes me feel comfortable. When I said
“we‟re best friend forever”, she looks very happy.

Then, a new student came to my class. Her name is Salwa. She is a short fat girl and
she wanted Audrey! She always plays with Audrey. When I wanted to play with Audrey,
Salwa said to me “You‟ll never get Audrey from me”. When I heard that, I was very sad. But
Audrey told me, “Don‟t be sad Nesya, I‟m still your best friend”. And I‟m very happy to hear
that. Actually, she still wants to be my friend but she afraid of Salwa.

In grade 2, I have a new best friend. She is Dinda PC. She is a fat tall girl. She is rich,
but not arrogant. She likes to share. She is a simple girl. She likes to play with me. While
Salwa is still with Audrey, moreover they are in the same class, and I‟m not with her! I‟m so
sad… but she said “Don‟t worry, I‟m still your best friend”.

I grade 3, Audrey and Salwa are at the same class while Dinda and I are still at the
same class too. But I‟m still hoping that me, Dinda, and Audrey are still best friends.

In the next year, when I was in grade 4, Salwa moved from Bunga Bangsa. I was very
happy, yeah, I‟m happy! I can stay close to Audrey again, that makes us happy.

I have more experiences in fifth grade. We still in a same class, it really makes us
happy. But at the middle term, Audrey looks sad. She said that she had to go to Yogyakarta

and leave us in Samarinda forever. We‟re so sad. Then before Audrey leave Samarinda, we

give her a present.

And now, I‟m in six grade. And I have to study alone, without Audrey and moreover I‟m
not in the same class as Dinda has. I don‟t know why, and I don‟t care. I still remember what

my mummy said:

- You must success to be a student in SMP 1
- You must do the best
- You must not make any mistake

My friends can leave me, but my dreams can‟t
go from me! Woops, it‟s time to go now. I hope my

dreams will come true and I hope the same to yours
too. Amiiin. ♥♥♥

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SD Islam Bunga Bangsa, Samarinda

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