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a GREAT idea When i care, when i put in the time, the Holy Spirit simply does not stop

with the inspirations. ;) Please visit this website and scan what they have to offer: Coalition Against Trafficking of Women. i've recently written to them about this GREAT idea: 1. establish safe-homes for sex-industry women in cities with sex-industry 2. assist women in education for non-sex-industry jobs 3. assist in job-placement 4. assist in life-long counseling/mentoring Of course, young men are easily exploited in the sex-industry, but the prevalence is young women. We need to target young women for assistance because they are the vast majority of exploited individuals. In my letter to the organization, i specifically mentioned two Thai cities: Chiangmai and Chiangrai. i have several reasons for this particular idea: i speak a little Thai, i know many Thai women who could be helped by this service and many Thai women who would work in such safe-homes. The 'problem' is we need funding and locations for the two safe-homes. i'm asking for donations here in this article. i'm also asking you to write to the organization linked above to put some 'gentle pressure' on them about this specific idea. Here's the donate link. Please give to this much needed project. Please write to the organization above about the project in a positive way. Salvatore Gerard Micheal / sam iam, 2012/MAR/09