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ANALYSIS Main station is a point where the two sides of a traverse or triangle meet.

These stations command the boundaries of the survey. There are six main stations in our site. We mark them with the number one until six. The length from station one to two, station two to three, station three to four, station four to five, station five to six, and station six to one is 33m, 33m, 33m, 33m, 40m and 36.3m respectively. Based on these main stations, we make a triangulation from station one to station three, four and five. The distance from station one to station three is 63.6m, distance from station one to four is 44.8cm and the distance from station one to five is 26.5m. We also make an offset in our worksite. Offsets are short lengths measured to all points of detail from points along the framework lines. At point two, we measured 10m for both sides along to station three and one and mark a point at both sides. Then, we measured the distance of the point to get the offset which is 19.45m. We also do the same steps at point four and six. The distance of offset at point four is 19.15m and at point six is 7.2m. In our site, we also measured the distance of track, road and drain. Reference objects in our site are trees, gym equipment, dustbin and TM. We measured the distance from these reference objects to our station to make sure if the picket is lost, we can measure again the main station. When we conduct this linear surveying, there are some errors that we made. First, we do not pull the tape tightly when measure the distance of the stations or any point. Because of this, the distance is not accurate and we have to measure again. We must take precautions to prevent the errors. First, we have to pull the measuring tape tightly to ensure the distance that we measured is accurate.