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PROCESS DESIGN FOR RELIABLE OPERATIONS Gulf Publishing Company ok Division Houston, London, Paris, Tokyo OPERATIONS PROCESS DESIGN RELIABLE Norman P. Lieberman PROCESS DESIGN FOR RELIABLE OPERATIONS Copyright © 1983 by Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas |All raph reserved, Printed sn the United States of America. This book. or pars thereof, may nat be reproduced in uny form without permission ofthe publisher. Second Printing, May 1984 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Lieberman. Norman P Process design for tliable operations Includes biblingraphical references and index 1 Chemical plants—Equipment and supplies —Design ad con. Meuetion. i Title TPISS.5 1.54 19K (042781 w2-1630 ISBN 0.47201.7% Dedication To Lisa, Joe and little Irene, my children. To Janet and Mary Ann, my friends, To Mary and Lou, my parents