LUNCH A RM15 Nasi putih Ayam masak lemak Sayur soo hoon Ikan kering bulu ayam Agar

-agar Cordial LUNCH B RM15 Nasi putih Ayam goreng Mix vegetable Ikan kering bulu ayam Agar-agar Cordial LUNCH A RM20 Pineapple fried rice Sweet sour chicken Beancurd with oyster sauce Mix vegetable Chicken nugget Agar-agar Cordial LUNCH B RM20 Nasi putih Fish curry Foo yong egg Ikan kering bulu ayam Ulam-ulaman Sambal belacan Agar-agar Cordial LUNCH A RM25 Nasi putih Sotong goreng tepung Chicken thai style Scramble egg Mix vegetable

Agar-agar Cordial drinks LUNCH B RM25 Nasi putih Ikan caru bakar Telur masin Kuah asam Ulam-ulaman Ikan masin bulu ayam Agar-agar Cordial drinks BREAKFAST A RM8 Bihun goreng & sambal Kuih Coffee + tea BREAKFAST B RM8 Kuih muih Jemput-jemput ikan bilis Coffee + tea BREAKFAST C RM8 Nasi lemak with condiment Coffee + tea BREAKFAST D RM8 Fried mee mamak with scramble egg Coffee + tea SUPPER A RM8 Kuih Bubur acar Coffee SUPPER B RM8 Egg sandwich Bubur pulut hitam .

Coffee SUPPER C RM8 Kuih Bubur kacang Coffee SUPPER D RM8 Kuih Pengat pisang Coffee .

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