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English is important for students for several reasons.

First, by learning a foreign language especially English, it can help us to improve our ability to memorizing, reading, writing, speaking and listening. This is proved that almost of students who learn foreign language, have higher scores on every subject. Second, to pursue the opportunities to get scholarship. There are thousands of scholarship programs, but almost of those only offered to students who mastering the English language. There is even a provision for their students to take the TOEFL test.

Third, English is needed to make students ready for a finding job competition. For example, to positioning, an employer will puts employee who has better English to the higher position. Last but not least, learning English is not just about knowing grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. But it is also about knowing the culture. It means, by learning English, we learn to know other cultures. And it will make us more open with people from other cultures. In conclusion, English is important for students to face up the world