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ADVANCED COMMUNICATION GAMES DVANCED OMMUNICATION AMES lection ofgames and activities for intermediate 1 advanced students of English Hadfield Contents List of games. Rules sheets: 125 Introduction iii Structuralindex 128 Teacher's notes vi Lexical index 128 Games material 23 List of games Function 1Proveit! sting for and giving personal information talking about past events 2Who killed Robin Koch? 3Whata cock-up! making plans and arrangements 4The gossip game describing personality and relationships describing houses and people comparing and contrasting; discussing advantages and idenutages giving instructions describing seeies 5 Find the occupants 6 Try itout! 7 Domino instructions 8 Find the other people onyour planet 9 Sweet reason giving reasons 1OConsequence cards stating consequences 11 Scoop! talking about past events aed present situations talking about past experiences persuasion and suggestion defining describing past and present habits inviting, accepting and refusiitg, stating obligation and making excuses making offers and setting conditions 18 Would you mind making requests, agreeing if. ? and refusing 19 Hide and sock describing position and — location expressing past regrets 12 Haven’ tI seen you somewhere before? 13 Sweet talk 14 Define it! 15 Find your former self 16 The excuses game 17 Hard bargaining 20lfonly ... 21 The Cinderella game —wishos and hopes, needs or Find your fairy und wants godmoiher 22 Blementary, my dear Watson. 23 Eyewiinesses making deductions aan sequencing events in Uh past complaining and being optimistic prediction and spectia permission and prohib, 24 Moaning Minnies 25Silly superstitions 26 A better world or Planetswap 27 Market forces porsunsion | 28 Fishy stories | asking forand giving explanations 29 Bucket shops asking forand giving | factual information 30 Family budget argument: stating and justifying opinion, sia needs and wants, ag) and disagrecing argument: suggestion persuasion hypothesis complaining aud apologising talking about likes, dis) and preferences expressing necessity | arguinenst and persuas, 31 Go-betweens 32.Whatif. . .2 33 Terribly sorry 34 Christmas shopping 35 WhatdoI need? 36 Canvassing 37 Sound advice asking forand giving | advice B8JobmarketorOnyer —askingabontand | bike! describing abilities 39The proverb game ——_comiparison and contra 40Dreamsequences narrative and descriphi Acknowledgements i I would like toacknowled ge the inspiration and influence of Rod Bolitho, David Jolly, Alan Maley ant Charlie Hadfield, whose ideas on teaching in general interactiveactivities in particular have all contributed directly or indirectly to the writing of thisbook. | T would also like to thank the staff and stucients of South Devon College of Arts and Technology for the| support and encouragement. Particular thanks are di to: Anna Allen, Jerome Betts, Val Black, Graham Bur, Jane Carne, Liz Macnaughton, Angi Malderez, Jenn Pearson, Tony Pearson, Margot Porterfield, Dan Smi Dave Smith, Alison Thomas and Steve Turnbull, fror South Devon College of Arts and Technology, and Amanda Kelman, Sue Parker and Pauline Taylor, at Bell School, Cambridge, for trying the games out ane offering valuable suggestions foramendmentand | improvement. For Steve and Jon, | renennbertyg the Rubbish Ritual tad other Middle Street games |