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Ahmedabad: Spending on Luxury I was seeing a Pattamadai mat hanging on Yaminis Anokhi priced at Rs.

999 for last two years waiting for its prospective customer. Evening 6pm. Knock at my flats door. One poor man carrying fresh pattamadai mats. He is asking Rs.50 per mat to feed dinner for his family. . He got the mats free from Sivananda Ashram. I purchased 5 and gave Rs.250 and asked him to collect another Rs250 next day. Ahmedabad Spending on Luxury Co-optex showroom. This year there was no stock of Silky Butterfly Wall hangings which I used to purchase in dozens to give as gifts. There was no further orders for last three years to the handloom weavers from the Government. This is nothing to do with the MGRES. said the showroom manager. The South and the West Spending (Discretion) on Basic Luxury 24-03-2011. 8 am. Delivery boy delivered the gas cylinder and asked Rs.360. We used to get the cylinder two days after booking over phone, at Ahmedabad a mega city in India. Now within a day!!! - I asked how? After 1 pm, everyone will be watching India Australia cricket match and hence the delivery started early morning. He used to carry the cylinder for three floors as there is no lift. Tamilnadu. my 70 year old aunt is wondering how to cook after booking the cylinder and waiting over 25 days. We went to the dealers office twice. Second time we were told that the cylinder has come and will be delivered next day. In order to expedite, we went to their godown and requested to deliver immediately. Delivery boy delivered the cylinder and asked Rs.380. Having achieved some extra ordinary favour from them, my aunt gave Rs.20 to him (=Rs.400), ignorant of (delay or perceived favour given) it factored in Rs.380. I was staring same company, same policies, and same product -then difference? Discretion is the worse part of luxury. This is nothing to do with the state ministers undergoing training at IIM before swearing in, like Gujarat Or Cracking a joke on Mayavati /Shiela Dikshit looks ugly if they found with white moustache.